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  1. Joe Albuquerque, NM GHIN 18 HC T200 Current Use Driver TM M6, Grand Bassara 39S Irons: Ping G400, Reg Ping. Graphite Wedge Vokey SM7 52 & 58 Putter Cameron Brad Faxon Model
  2. Joe, Albuquerque, NM Current: Tailor-made High Toe 50, 58, 64, stiff shaft 23 HC Would like, 50/54/58 Thank you
  3. Joe, New Mexico HC 23 Ghin Titleist ProV1 Looking for Control.
  4. Joe from New Mexico Playing a Ping G400 Reg Project X LZ Swing Speed, 90 MPH. Handicap, 15.4 ST180 in 10.5 degrees of loft, with the Kuro Kage Reg. Thank you.
  5. I play and walk approximately 150 rounds a year. My cart is getting old (as am I, 71) and I could use a new one. Thank you for the opportunity.
  6. Good looking iron, most Hogan's were.
  7. How about "A New Improved Model that is Better Than Our Previous 5 New and Improved Models" Obviously, I don't think there have been any significant changes in Drivers for the last 5 years, just more advertising. The shaft is the key to success, not the driver head. IMO
  8. Maybe we could ask the Chinese not to counterfit! Not to shoot down your ideas but I worked for a number of years in Federal Law Enforcement, and you can't stop the flow of counterfit. The only way to stop it is to change the consumer. Many people buy the counterfit because they are cheap and that is what they want, they are willing to take the chance. Stop the consumption.
  9. The buyer has no protection through Paypal if paying as a gift.
  10. To each their own. Very gaudy, I would not bag them for free. Very contrived.
  11. Golf is a HUGE status symbol in Japan. The more the clubs cost the better the rich guys like them.
  12. The same mold is used for several different brands, then the names applied. The real question is the metalergy different for each.
  13. With all of the U.S. companies using China, and other countries to manufacture their clubs some of the fakes go out the back door of the contractors. They may be overruns, or head/shafts that did not meet specifcations. I have seen some that work very well. The Ping G15 irons were available through China before they were in the U.S. Why, because they got the design from Ping so they could manufacture themn. The companies that OEM hires have a big back door, much goes out that should not. Years ago Taiwan was making Ping knockoffs, they were terrible and usually would break or bend quickly. Not so today, many clones are made well, and of course are cheaper because some legitimate company did the heavy work of designing, advertising, and the technology.
  14. I used to collect Ping colored balls, some are worth up to $250 too collectors, most fall in the $5 - 10 range. I sold my collection for a little over $2000, 54 balls. They are traded/sold hot an heavy on ebay. If you buy be very careful, some are fake. Generally, collectors don't want logos, also many of the two tones with Michael Jordan on them are not produced by Ping. Red/blue, solid orange, orange/blue/white are very common. As far as playability they are old technology and don't play well, and didn't when they were new either. The two tones are good for putting practice though.
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