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  1. Thanks all for your warm welcome! @HardcoreLooper : For the moment I use a pencil and paper to track my stats on the course Tags on my club with a LINX could be very interesting although I wonder how easily you adapt the pin location in order to get your metrics right for the putting. @Jiro : I track everything that is linked to the Strokes Gained approach. Now apps, sites & others propose similar things but when I started working on it, there was not that much available. PM me if you are interested.
  2. Great opportunity to win a great product! Fred from Belgium Hcp 18 Been using a SkyCaddie LINX since nearly 3y Already tempted by a tracking system but I did not want to keep my phone close by
  3. Been reading the forums for a while, finally decided to join. Living in Belgium, been golfing since many years with a long break in between. Working with analytics every day, I am fan of all stroke gained type of metrics. I cannot imagine how many hours I spent working on my Excel sheet for all my calculations!
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