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  1. Finish strong on the 19th hole, and all is forgiven.
  2. General: If it says PING on the label. Driver/metals: If it says PING on the label. Hybrids: If it says PING on the label. Irons/wedges: Irons - If it says PING on the label. Wedges - actually favor Cleveland on the lob wedge, but PING on the other wedges Putters: I've recently changed to a mallet putter after hitting a blade style PING putter for years. Although I can probably be convinced to try something else if the moment feels right. Balls: At the rate I am going I may never have to buy another ball for 3 or 4 years. Have four dozen Titleist ProV1 on the shelf, and another 4 dozen Srixon Q Star Tour coming, with a dozen Taylor Made TP5X coming. It's whatever I get a deal on, or get free from tournament money that goes on the shelf for future use. Gloves: MGGolf.com, because I am cheap, and gloves are throwaway items at best, and MGGolf.com is as cheap as they come and just as good as golves costing 4 times as much. Shoes: Skechers. FootJoy sucks, just FYI. Brands: If it says PING on the label.
  3. So my brother sends me a gift card from GoPlayGolf.com for my birthday, and it's supposed to be something you can use to pay for rounds of golf or whatever at any one of 5,000 golf courses. So I was up in NC, and I figured I'd use it for one of my rounds of golf while I am up there. Well, to save you some time, their system for redeeming this gift card for rounds of golf is so complicated and convoluted that I would steer clear of trying to use it towards greens fees or whatever. Essentially how it is supposed to work is that you fill out this long, complicated form online ONCE you have made a tee time, and then this company is supposed to call the golf course, and pay for your greens fees BEFORE you come to play your round. Well, not really knowing this, I called the golf course a few days before I wanted to play and made a tee time, and asked them if I could use this card towards my round, and the guy on the phone at the course said, "sure, we can use it." Well, I showed up the morning of, and it didn't work. My failure was the fill out the online redemption form, and submit it to this company so that they could pay the golf course. But seriously, who does golf like this? If you're like me, I rarely plan that far ahead with tee times, especially as a single. Normally it's either the day of, or the day before that I decide to play somewhere, mostly because I am always worried about the weather, and don't want to book a tee time if it's going to suck outside. The good news, if you want to call it that, is that you can redeem these gift cards for merchandise or Top Golf, or lessons, or whatever. So I explored the merchandise options online, and they take you to Worldwidegolf.com where you can enter the gift card to pay for whatever they have online. Not a total loss overall, but the card definitely is next to impossible to use towards a round of golf. Just thought I'd share my experience with the group here.
  4. Agreed. One course I've played several times where after I played it the 2nd time it dawned on me that every par 4 was driver, 6 iron. So I looked at the lengths on all the par 4s and they were all basically the same. I guess I overlooked that the first time I played the course, because otherwise it was a great course, but after playing it the 2nd time and realizing that was the situation I haven't been back to play it since. Variety is the spice of life as you say, and without it, it's somewhat boring.
  5. With courses ranging from 6,000 - 6,300 yards I tend to break 80 a lot more, and if it's around 6,000 yards I can typically get into the lower 70's. But push me back to 6,300 - 6,600 and I'll probably be right around 80. Anything more than 6,600 yards and I'll shot 85 and up. The difference in course lengths is what club you have into most par 4s. Today's course is a great example of this for me, as I played a course that maxed out at 6,000 yards and change. I had a wedge into pretty much every par 4, and shot 77. That was with two three-putts on birdie putts from inside 6 feet of the hole, so in theory if you make those bogies, pars at minimum I should have shot 75, and possible a 73, as I should have made those birdie putts (the game is mental, remember?). Most of my scores of 74 and lower have been on courses no longer than 6,300 yards, just as a barometer, and it's simply because the approach shot is typically a wedge of some sort. I was throwing darts today all day long on par 4s with this scenario. Everything was within 10 feet of the hole, all day long. Easy to go low when that happens. Now my home course is right around 6,500 yards, and it's one of the toughest layouts I've ever played, regardless of the length. But my best score there is a 77, and lately I've struggled to break 80 there. This course is a mental workout, and you have to hit your ball to correct sides of the fairway and all of that, and if you miss the fairway, just write down the bogey or worse. But most par 4s at this course I have a mid iron into greens. My proximity to the hole is probably well over 20 feet on GIRs, IF I hit the green at all. Stretch me out beyond 6,600 yards and chances are I'll have a long iron into most par 4s. Well, my GIR will go down in that scenario, IF I hit any greens at all. That's why I'll struggle to shoot 85 or so. I may be the only one with this going on, but the longer the par 4s on the approach shot, and the higher my score will go. I played one course where it was driver, 3 or 4 iron all day long, and I think I struggled to break 90. The game ain't fun when you are 190+ out on a par 4 for your approach. But generally speaking, it's all about the irons and wedges for me. If I am firing those well I go low. If I am not, well, mid 80s here I am. Now, if I could ever figure out how to putt......
  6. do we need to queue stripper music to get those head covers off of the big dog and friends?
  7. LOL, it's either the ball, or my putter. Sometimes my driver, and my lob wedge can be fickle as well. So yeah, something in there somewhere.
  8. Jealous. That looks awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Played another course I had never played before in Quitman, Georgia. It’s a short course where some of you bombers could reach half the par 4s from the tee box. But it has an interesting mix of holes and is pretty tight with very small greens. But because I had a lot of wedges into greens I was stiffing them to within 10 feet all day long. Sadly, two of those bogies on the back nine were three putts from within 6 feet of the hole both times. That’s what happens when you blow your first putt by and it’s longer then your first putt. Oh well, another day on the golf course is still better then any day at work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. My last two rounds from yesterday & today. I guess I wasn’t even paying attention today, because I didn’t even realize I had four birdies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Rumbling Bald Apple Valley course in Lake Lure, NC. There is some nice views, but I cannot recommend this course due to it being overpriced and having MAJOR pace of play issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 3 groups waiting on 17 tee and another 3 drinking beer on 18. It was 30 minutes from sunset and my guess is those guys are still out there. Any more questions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. More from Reems Creek. Just a perfect 72 degree October afternoon here in Western North Carolina. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Played Reems Creek today and was playing really well. Was -1 through 16 before I had to quit. That included only my 11th eagle ever on #9, where I hit driver, 4 wood from about 260 to about 15 feet and made the putt. Perfect 72 degree weather that looked like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yeah, that reminds me of St James Bay, in Carrabelle, Florida. It's somewhat of a resort course, right near the beach, and about an hour from Tallahassee, so I've played it a bit. I think I pull driver on one hole outside of the par 5s. Every hole has wetlands across the fairway at about 230 yards or so from the tees, so you are forced to pull something less than driver on almost every hole. It's target golf at it's finest. Most of the guys I know have a love/hate relationship with that course. I know very few people who have a positive response when you mention you are considering playing there and would they like to join you. And man, brutally penal too. I took a friend of mine there who is about a 15 handicap, and can be somewhat wild with shots. St. James Bay literally has no rough. If you miss it right or left it's gone into a nature area, and you are just dropping and hitting again. I don't believe my friend broke 100, and lost at least a dozen golf balls, maybe more. The conditions there are usually pretty good, but you really have to pick your targets carefully, and if you miss, just know it's gone. So yeah, that fits the narrative you are describing above to a tee.
  16. GSwag

    Srixon Sale

    Man, I wish I hadn't seen this. I'm such a ball ho.
  17. I played Tot Hill Farm once. PB Dye - played it once as well. There's a fine line between "fun" and tricked up/gimmicky. Granted, I played both of these courses before the advent of smart phones with GPS golf course apps with maps, etc, but I don't think it would have mattered at either of these places. The most frustrating thing I've ever encountered on a golf course is picking a line to play a shot, and absolutely nutting it, only to walk up to where my ball was headed to find out I was in a hidden lake, or bunker, or some other nonsense that even with a course map or yardage book you would have had no clue that that was there. Pete Dye is the perfect example of a golf course architect that some call a genius, while others mutter four letter expletives under their breath any time his name is mentioned. To each his own I say.
  18. Which also leads to another point. It's kind of the same argument you could make for minor league baseball players. Those guys all either think or know they have the game to compete at the highest levels, but the results indicate that they are just scratching the surface of the elite, and their income reflects it. So how long does a guy who can drop a 64 on a regular golf course without even trying, keep grinding away on the Korn Ferry, or even missing 5 or 6 cuts on the PGA Tour year in and year out? The travel, the grind, the wear and tear on a vehicle, your body, and your mind, all seemingly without much payback or reward. Most of those guys have the thought in their head that "this is my week" and that they are just one shot or one putt away from breaking out and collecting that big check that will propel them to the next level. I might be wrong in guessing this one, but I would bet that there are a handful of guys out there somewhere who have the game, both mentally and physically, to compete on the PGA Tour, but opt not to for personal reasons. The older I get the more I dislike travelling all the time. In your 20's and 30's you don't think about travel and the stresses that it brings, because it's seemingly a lot of fun to be in a new town every week, and getting to see a lot of new places and people. But once you hit 40 those sorts of things aren't all that much fun anymore. And I am willing to say that I am sure there are a few guys with the natural talent and game to go pro, but opted not to because they'd rather be home every night with the wife and kids. And frankly, the older I get the more value I place on family and relationships with loved ones. I've also got to think that if you are playing golf to just chase a paycheck, versus actually loving the game, you'll fail 9 times out of 10. No matter how good you are, you really need to love what you are doing to go all the way in anything in life, golf or baseball included.
  19. Lol @ the Redskins. I remember when I lived in NoVA and all the Redskins fans. I actually pity them to some extent. But as someone who grew up in the Orange Bowl and watched Dan Marino torch defenses week in and week out I just laugh at the comedy of a dumpster fire that the Dolphins franchise has become. Ross thinks he can tank this season and stockpile draft picks in order to build for the future. Lol. This is the same team that has used previous overall #1 picks to take a running back (Ronnie Brown) and a OT (Jake Long). The media is pimping the “Tank for Tua” meme, and if Miami is as predictable as they’ve always been they’ll draft him when they could have had Jalen Hurts or another QB that might actually win you something. Miami is just like the Jets now. No matter how many coaches and GMs you go through, your expectations will always surpass reality. And at the end of the year we’ll still be left with Bill Belichick holding the Lombardi trophy again. I’d laugh if it honestly wasn’t so pathetically predictable. I watch a quarter and a half of the Pats/Giants game and thought to myself, “it’s 14-0 and Brady actually sucks tonight.” Same story different season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I always score best when my irons are on. If I can't hit greens, then my scores go up. It's really as simple as that. The driving, chipping and putting are all typically the same usually. I am forever working on my irons, because I know if my swing plane is off then my irons won't fly the way I want them to. The other parts of the game I can adjust mid round. But if I get off with the irons for whatever reason I typically have no chance at fixing it mid round.
  21. I have a Garmin Approach S20 GPS watch, and it synchs with the Garmin Connect app on my iphone. The app tracks not only what you see there, but you can click on any hole below the scorecard and see your shot distances. I love it a ton more then a GPS app on my phone which I had to open and close every time I posted a score per hole. Love the GPS watch.
  22. Yeah. Shaft difference plays a major role between heck yeah and oh no. I originally had stiff shafts in my Ping Gs and hated them. Swapped out for regular flex and butter. In your case stick with stiff. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. There are several PGA Tour pros that live on the course I belong to, mostly because the course is always in condition to host a PGA Tour event tomorrow, and the tips are at over 7,800 yards when maxed out. As was mentioned above, driving distance can easily seperate the haves from the have nots as far as professional golf goes. Using my pathetic game as an example, I can shoot in the low 70s consistently on a course of about 6,000 yards. But if you put me on tees of 6,700 or more I will be lucky to break 85. The guys on tour have the ability to not only overpower the longest of courses, but do it with wedge in hand on even a 500 yard par 4. Tour pros play par 3s of over 200 yards almost every time, where us normal mortals struggle with 175 yards and up. And as also was mentioned, putting is the great equalizer. My Dad once played a round with Bruce Fleisher at his home course years ago, where Fleisher had never played before, and had no idea about the greens. He shot 68 blind without a caddie simply by parring every hole and two putting all of the par 5s. That’s a tour pro who can use his distance to neutralize a course and simply play for par on every hole and take the par 5 birdies to shoot 68. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. It’s probably mental. If you think you play better with certain clubs you will talk yourself into it. Otherwise not. And the other factor is that one set of clubs feels better to you and you just hit them better. I’ve changed out multiple wedges from my bag because I find something that I hit better. I’ve also got several clubs in my bag that I’ll only hit if I have to because I don’t trust them. So what came first with those clubs? The lack of trust, or me hitting a couple of bad shots with them and opting to avoid hitting them. Find what is most confortable for you and go with it. And for me, once I buy a set of irons they’ll stay in my bag for a decade. Stick with what works and stop thinking the next new release is for you. It’s all marketing bs mostly so buy a set of irons and wear them out for at least 2-3 years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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