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  1. in low net I would always bet against a scratch golfer, or borderline scratch golfer, versus two 10's. The two 10's can shoot in the low to mid 70's, whereas with a net score, that 0.9 is gonna need to shoot 68 or better in every round to have a chance.
  2. Well, for me I don't really care what this Tour or whatever it is does, because in my humble opinion they are allowing Bernhard Langer and Scott McCarron to cheat every week with their broomstick putters that are anchored, which goes against the rule that went into effect a few years ago. How many tournaments would Langer win if he had to switch putters to a more traditional putter? Beyond that, this tour was created when Palmer turned 50 and wanted to be competitive again, since he hadn't won on the PGA Tour in years. Without Palmer, that tour doesn't even exist today. He's gone, and Jack doesn't play on it anymore. I laugh when guys turn 50 who barely if ever won an event on the PGA Tour go out there and tear it up again. It's a complete joke to me honestly. If you are going to use the name "Champions" in the title of your Tour then shouldn't a prerequisite for playing on that tour be that you were a "champion" something? I mean, who the heck is Doug Garwood, and what has he ever won? Your argument for asking for qualifiers for this tour goes against what I am saying above. A requirement to even getting a spot on this tour would be to have been a "champion" of something on the PGA Tour, and frankly, they should limit the fields to guys who meet that prerequisite and have a name. Allowing some dude off of the street who just happens to be over 50, to try and qualify for a tournament, who never even played pro golf in his entire life sort of defeats the whole purpose of how that tour was even founded and ran to begin with.
  3. My definition of a blow up hole is a hole where you make the same mistake at least twice on, probably resulting in double bogey or worse. Today I played St James Bay, which if you are not straight and lay up to certain distances it will consume all of your golf balls. The 15th hole is a par 5 where you have to hit the fairway but not more than 260 yards, because you'll end up in the woods. The hole has a vast waste nature area to the left of the fairway that separates the green from the rest of the hole. It's a goofy hole, because if you hit your tee shot far enough left on the fairway, you will only have about 210 yards into the green, but it's almost entirely carry over the nature area. The hole has the fairway running to the right of the nature area, and you can hit like a 160 yard shot over there and then play a mid iron to a wedge into the green, depending on how much you cut off of the nature area towards the green. Well, trying to be a hero today, I wanted to play a right to left draw off of the tee to give myself a chance to go for the green in two. So of course I pull hook the drive in the trees, and have to take a penalty drop. I am too short to even see the green or go for it, so I am looking at about 170 to carry the nature area into where you would normally hit your 2nd shot into the fairway. Naturally I pulled my hybrid too far left and it didn't carry the nature area into the fairway, so now it's gone. But now I can drop in front of the nature area as far as the fairway goes, to now be where I would have liked my drive to go, about 200 yards to carry the nature area to the green. Dropping 4, and hit my 5th shot into the greenside bunker, short of the green, but clearing the nature area. Splash out of the bunker, and 2 putt for the nifty little snowman. Why is this a blow up hole? Because first off, I should have just played my normal drive, and not gotten greedy in trying to hit it far enough left to go for the green in two. But then when you screw the drive up, you don't try the hero shot over a nature area that demands a long carry and end up putting a 2nd ball into the hazard. That's your blow up hole, ladies and gentleman. Two mental mistakes on the same hole. I also had fun on the 18th today, which I would again classify as a blow up hole. Ripped a drive right down the middle of the fairway on this par 5 finishing hole. There is water running all the way down the left side of the hole up to the green, and I had about 267 into the green for my approach. Well, the fairway right in front of the green is minimal at best, so hitting a fairway club as far as I can hit it as close to the green as possible is a high risk shot, so I figure I'll hit a smooth 7 iron to about 100 yards and take my chances with the wedge on the 3rd shot into the green. So naturally I pull hook the 7 iron right into the middle of the lake on the left. Well, I didn't really carry much land over the lake, so I can only move up about 90 or so yards. I think I had like 177 into the green from where I could drop next, so I decide to pull 6 iron and naturally I get the same pull result with the 6 iron, and it lands in the water, just short of carrying it greenside. Again, the blow up hole is doing the same stupid thing twice on the same hole, so now we are dropping 5, and hitting 6 into the green from about 160 yards. I pull 7 iron and put it to about 25 feet above the hole. Ironically, putting for double bogey on this finishing hole down the hill must be the only time I'll make a putt of that length, because I managed to walk off this hole with a double bogey, even after depositing two balls into the water. Blow up hole #2 for you. And honestly I couldn't tell you the last time I've lost two balls on a single hole, let alone doing it twice in one round. But that's what you get when you haven't played a round of golf in exactly a month, and then only one round a month prior to that. Gotta knock the rust off of my game and cut this crap out.
  4. since the only time my Tuesday golf group meets is during daylight savings time, I wish it was all year round honestly, because I am very much looking forward to playing with the boys again this coming Tuesday all through the end of September.
  5. This will probably never happen, because the US Congress has to approve it, and currently, or at least the last I heard, it can't even get out of committee in the Senate, and the rest of the country could really care less about what Florida wants. Especially something this low on the priority list.
  6. Well, I don't have to post this then. That would be me as well.
  7. Seed over all the cart paths and any golfers that want to play have to walk, take a caddie, or bring a push cart. Yeah, I know, I just created a riot over in "The Villages", but bring it on. I know it's unpopular to suggest such a thing, but back in the day golf was supposed to be a sport where the walking component was a big part of the competition and game. Pace of play is maxed out at 3 1/2 hours for any group on the course. If it's good enough for St. Andrews, then it's good enough for wherever golf is played. You punch a card at the turn, and if you are over time (1 hour and 45 minutes per nine for those of you keeping score), your group is asked to leave the course. Well, asked is too polite. You'd be shown the parking lot by our staff of marshalls who are all college students from the athletic department. Maximum handicap of 18 is allowed on the course. Yeah, sure, that seems extreme, but we have a nice big 'ol range over there for those of you who need to work on your game a bit to get down to the maximum number. And while we're working with your game on the range we're discussing options #1 and #2 above. Oh yeah, and if you want to play my course, you will HAVE to have an established handicap. Don't worry, the course is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for you to play a round with the pro, to keep score and to have your scores posted for handicap. We have at least 3 pros available at any time during these days to accommodate anyone interested in playing a round. "Gee Swag, I just don't have the time to do this, yada, yada, yada." Well, that's part of the problem honestly that I see with most public courses on the weekends. Guys out there wasting everyone else's time because they haven't ever practiced their game, and just show up on Saturday or whenever and dust off the clubs from the last time they played and expect to actually keep a ball in play. Then they ****** about how their game sucks while playing a 5 hour round and holding everyone up behind them. My course design would incorporate the following holes and distances: Par 3s of 100, 115, 130, 145, 160 and 185. Par 4s of 315, 330, 345, 360, 375 and 390. Par 5s of 450, 465, 480, 505, 520 and 550. Yeah, that's right. Six of each par, and half of those holes would be short enough for the average golfer, and even the senior shorter hitters to reach par 4s easily in two and par 5s easily in three. Don't worry. If you think that 100 yard par 3 is too easy, you haven't seen my design. The green would be about the size of my small bedroom in the house (10' x 12') and if you miss anywhere but short, the bunker you are in you are hitting out sideways or backwards, as it will be a true hazard and a true penalty, much like the postage stamp green's bunker is at Royal Troon. Yeah, Rory took 6 shots to get out of it. How will you fare? I'd have doglegs on all the shorter par 4s and double doglegs on all the par 5s. You want to cut the corner? Go ahead. Lots of water on the par 5s right about where you hot shot studs with 300 yards of carry will end up wet. I will neuter your distance at every turn, and force you to use 14 clubs from your bag for all 18 holes. Phil Mickelson may not approve, but GOOD! Tournaments every other weekend at my course. These are for both the men's and women's members. You'll never get good at golf if you don't compete against your peers. Tournaments are always gross and incorporate flights by your pre-established and witnessed handicapped scores. The cost of these tournaments would be the same as the greens fees currently are, which would be free to members, plus a $10 entry fee for the kitty. The winner of each flight takes how the cash. And if you win flight "B", you are in flight "A" next time around. If you are last in flight "B", you are in flight "C" next time around. Honestly, the above is not realistic in our day and age when most folks are splitting their time 15 different ways. I'm genuinely looking for 200 people for my type of club, where the membership fees are reasonable ($150 a month or less). You will get in shape at my club, and you will always have a game waiting for you. I would establish an online members only website where members could post requests for tee times, and seek pairings with fellow members. I would also have a complete online database with all members contact information, and including handicaps. There are no outliers or strangers at my club. We all love golf, and we all want to play as much as possible. Enough of the old boys club. Everyone can play with everyone else, and there are no cliques at my club. Be engaging with your fellow members or play somewhere else.
  8. Well, since Rickie Fowler is playing these now, they must be great.
  9. No disrespect for anyone who calls your fairway club a "wood". Lord knows I've been calling it that forever, mostly because I honestly don't know what else you would call it. I mean, Johnny Miller used to always say fairway "metal", which is technically more accurate, but that just sounds weird; it always has. And unless you are still sporting that fabulous set of persimmons from the late 1980's fairway clubs haven't been "wood" since Callaway introduced the "Big Bertha" and Taylormade came out with fairway clubs that were made of some sort of metal component. I suppose it will take a reinvention of this sort of club to the point where it isn't even called a fairway whatever club anymore, but like the "driver", which used to be called a "1 wood" back when I WAS playing persimmons, does anyone have any bright ideas on how to name your fairway metal club something nice that sets it apart and makes it unique and classy? I mean come on, we're all intelligent, above average addicted golfers here. Can we come up with something fancy to call it? Heck, we used to call the driver the "play club" back when they hit hickories, and the 2 wood was the "brassie, and the fairway wood was the "baffing spoon". Surely we can come up with a name that has some sort of sex appeal and staying power? Then again, if you marketing gurus want to get paid, you might not respond here, and call Callaway direct and give them the business first.
  10. While I have never been fitted for a fairway club (we have got to come up with a better description of a fairway club, because it hasn't been "wood" since the 20th century), in my journey of golf clubs I have often gotten my driver and fairway clubs all being the same PING model, and with that comes the same shaft. I had at one time my driver, 3 and 5 fairway, 19 and 22 degree hybrids all being the PING G5, and all came with the same stock regular flex shaft. I guess it was just a comfort thing to me, as each club reacts differently to the shaft, especially since you hit each club for different things. I currently have a PING G400 driver, 19° hybrid, and 4 crossover, that all have the same PING stock regular flex shaft in them. My outlier is that I have a Callaway XR 4 fairway that has a project X regular flex shaft in it. I bought the Callaway 4 fairway long before any of my newer PING clubs, so that is why it is an outlier. And it would be real hard to take that Callaway 4 fairway out of my bag, because I just love it, and it is money 95% of the time (yeah, be honest, we all have that 5% or greater percentage of shots that we just suck on).
  11. yeah, a friend shared it with me right after it happened and then it went viral online and I saw it I think on Golf Channel's website. Not all that surprising honestly, but man, that was a brutal beat down after that dude talked too much trash to the cheater. I mean, if you are going to call out a cheater, make sure you can back it up physically. Which is why I generally don't ever say anything.
  12. GSwag

    Line On Your Golf Ball?

    if you are 60+ feet from the hole with multiple undulations, it's not shame to three putt. Putting a 60 footer to within 5 feet of the hole when it has multiple breaks is not easily accomplished, FYI.
  13. I was really just curious what everyone's opinion are on their favorite major championship and why. You can use this thread to make your case or to simply give your reasons for why you feel the way you do. And there are certainly no right or wrong answers here. Just opinions.
  14. As a side note, you can pre download whatever courses you want into the infotalk GPS app. What I typically use it for is when I am traveling to tournaments at courses I have not played before. I'll download the course onto the app and then pull up the map at home, and study each hole, familiarizing myself with the routing and layout from the map they provide. You can also use it to plot layups from tee shots to hazards, etc. so you have an idea of what club you will probably be hitting off of the tee from at that hole.
  15. Well, since you mentioned me specifically, I'll go a bit further. Coincidentally, while I was reading your post I thought to myself, "what the heck did we do before GPS and lasers became affordable to get distances?" I guess that's like the now cliche question, "what the heck did we ever do before smart phones?" But I digress. I find my Garmin Approach S20's numbers to be incredibly accurate, at least to front, center and back of the green. I shoot the laser in tournaments and find the Garmin numbers to be dead on for the most part. Obviously it's off by 5 or 6 yards if the pin is tucked, or isn't right in the middle, or right in the back or front of the green, but I mean, come on, like you said, you're a 14 handicap, and does 5 yards even gonna make that much of a difference on a 125 yard shot even? I say this using my own game as an example. I'm sitting on a par 4 at about 135 out from the number on my Garmin. The green is elevated by at least 5-10 feet, and the pin is tucked behind a sand trap in the back left of the green. I shoot the flag and it tells me 142. OK, let's break this down by club selection. My normal 135 is a 9 iron. But here we have a slightly elevated green with a sucker pin with sand staring me in the face and the flag saying, "go ahead, I dare you to hit it at me." That 142 that the laser gave me is probably closer to 150 with the elevation, and I haven't even factored in the 10 mph cross breeze right to left that will push any ball I send at that flag even further left. So what do you hit here, and where do you aim? This is the #1 handicap hole on the course, and overall, my experience hitting this green is slim and none, even as a 5 handicap. This hole is a bogey machine, mostly because I always ignore the chance I'll hit it in the sand or come up short in the same sand pit. I'm too good to come up short, and I never miss, right? Yeah, that's what usually goes through my stupid head. Ultimately, you take your numbers here, and you have 135 from the GPS on my wrist, and 142 from the laser, and factor in the elevation meaning you now have an 8 iron to the flag, or probably a strong 9 iron into the center of the green. The wind will push the ball left, and the right side of the green is smiling at you and has a welcome mat on it. The front of the green is 125, which is really playing 130, which is a strong pitching wedge. What would you hit here to best increase you odds of a par? Sure, if I am playing a match against my buddy and he gets stupid and lands one 15 feet from the hole I'm pulling 8 and letting it rip, odds be damned. But with everything I've just given you, I pull 9 iron and swing nice and easy, aim at the right side of the green, and hope I don't pull the stupid thing into that nasty trap. And if I miss right, then I've got a long chip over the entire green to that uphill pin, which is a simple bump and run, because I played smart and didn't short side myself. Moral of the story, your laser may have been dead accurate to that flag, but man, having the GPS with front, middle and back numbers allows you to think through that difficult approach shot and play smart from time to time. And if you want a GPS on your phone with a map, the Infotalk Golf GPS is fantastic with course layouts and accurate distances. I can see the hole before i play it and know with certainty where to hit it off of the tee so as to avoid trouble and have the best angle into the green. Both the Garmin and GPS apps will keep your score for you. And if you are looking for a GPS app that will allow you to keep not only your score, but the score of everyone in your group, the Golfpad GPS app is great for that. I haven't used the Golfpad GPS app for a long time though, because I found that even though I told everyone in the group I was keeping their score on my phone they just ignored me and used the pencil and scorecard on the cart. What can you do when people ignore you and are really old school? Hope this helps.
  16. you are correct. I was stuck on stroke and distance of the first shot that got us in this mess in the first place. Essentially, dropping OB is like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. You can do it, but you will still be no better off then you were if you tried to play the stupid thing, or took an unplayable, so dropping OB is just an excuse to waste a stroke and sandbag for those who play in net tournaments.
  17. Rule 16-1 states The boundary fence, temporary for the tournament or not, is considered to be completely OB, so you can't take relief from it, without penalty. (unplayable lie option penalty)
  18. righty or lefty? Because I don't see a way he could've played that one left handed, as the fence would have eliminated his ability to actually swing the club.
  19. A provisional isn't an option once the ball is found, and is in bounds. A provisional covers any lost ball, or a ball assumed to be OB. But since he's in bounds, he can take an unplayable (3 options) or play the ball as is.
  20. OK, let's think this one through. If you take a one stroke penalty with option 3 for an unplayable, you are now lying 2 and you are OB. And correct me if I am wrong, but they still require players on the PGA Tour who go OB to go back and take the walk of shame to the tee, and rehit, which means he's lying 3 on the tee now (penalty stroke for unplayable AND going OB is in force), and hitting his fourth shot back towards the same crap he was just in, with a perfect mental picture of that fence. So say he fixes his mental Tin Cup and lands that one in the fairway, he's now hitting 5 into the green, and provided he gets on the green, which on those greens is a 50/50 prospect, considering they rolled them harder than concrete and they reject any ball hit onto them that isn't coming straight down from a full wedge shot, he's essentially looking at 7 or snowman under your advice above. But please, correct me if I am wrong and misinterpreting your advice. And to clarify, that's all this is is advice. We as players always need to remember that in scenarios like this, the rules are there to guide us, and to give us options. We can seek advice from a rules official or our caddie (outside advice is a 2 stroke penalty, so you can't ask your playing partners what to do), but WE have to make the decision and accept the penalty of our decision.
  21. GSwag

    Line On Your Golf Ball?

    Screw the 20 foot test. I know I suck at that. All I care about is making sure anything inside 3 feet gets in the hole. Subconscious, conscious or just an idiot, nothing bugs me worse than missing a 3 footer for birdie. Totally destroys me for the rest of the round.
  22. So I was watching this and several rules questions came to mind. First off, technically his ball was still considered in bounds, even though it's under the fence. Secondly, he can't get free relief from the obstruction, because it's an OB fence, and is considered OB, so you can't take relief from something OB. Third, he refuses to take a penalty stroke for either option, and take his medicine, so we're left with this mess. Just Phil being Phil I suppose. But then he Tin Cups it so that the ball ends up being OB. Now he's lying 2, and HAS to take a drop for being OB. So under the new rules he gets 1 clublength and a 1 stroke penalty and plays from there, which is what Lefty did at this point. But using the hypothetical from his drive's ball position, where the ball is still technically in bounds, but underneath the "fence". 3 options for an unplayable. First is go back to the previous spot and replay the shot. And we all know Phil would never do this. Option #2 is take two clublengths and a 1 stroke penalty, no closer to the hole, which is available to dumbass here, should he have surrendered to the golf gods and just taken his medicine. The 3rd unplayable option is the one I have a question about. Unplayable relief says you can go back as far as you want from where the ball lies to where your previous shot was, keeping the line of the hole anywhere you decide to drop. Is this option not really available, because if you keep the line of the hole in play, he'd be OB even going back an inch from where his ball was? Am I interpreting that option correctly, so essentially we're left with option #1 or #2 as the only options on the unplayable relief option here?
  23. I'm waiting for BAD to show up at the Masters wearing this...
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