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  1. These are the individual shaft lengths trimed such that the Ping G400s played standard length. The G400 head would have to be added to this shaft length.
  2. KBS TGI 80 graphite iron shaft pulls (6 - UW). .370 parallel fitted to .355 - these were pulled from Ping G400 irons. I also have these for sale on eBay (regularguy40), but cheaper here. $240 shipped CONUS. 6 - 36" 7 - 35 1/2" 8 - 34 7/8" 9 - 34 1/2" P - 33 7/8" U - 33 7/8"
  3. Ping G400 Red Dot Iron Heads 6,7,8,9,W,U,S (7 clubheads) I also have these listed on eBay (regularguy40). Cheaper here since I dont have to pay eBay a cut. $325 shipped CONUS.
  4. UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap F3 graphite shaft pulls 6,7,8,9,PW, UW (6 shafts). Regular Flex. These were professionally pulled from a set of Ping G400 irons. Let me know if you would like serial number to verify. They are .370" parallel tip fit into .355" hosel by Ping. Standard length. 6 iron is 36 5/8". Shafts come with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips, standard size, in good condition. $180 Shipped CONUS. Price is fair and firm.
  5. I dont play with a glove so maybe that's why my experience differs, but I dont think the Iomic Sticky's are tacky at all. They are a bit slimy. The Iomic X-grip is much better. No1 grips are also tackier than the Sticky. If you really want tacky, go with Grip Master Leather grips. It's like having resin on the grips.
  6. I wish Birdiewrap didnt have graphics on it, but am considering it. Let us know how it goes!
  7. The speedwrap site hasn't been updated since 2002! And it looks it too.
  8. The reviews suggest this stuff is greasy. How has your experience been?
  9. I'm going to follow this thread. I dont play much in cold weather, but when I do my skin cracks a bit at the fingertips. Not as much as yours, but still. I'm curious if anyone has a solution.
  10. Check out MG Dynagrip Elite. Even better.
  11. Wow. Does you glove hand have the same damage? If not, maybe wear two gloves or a pair of rain gloves?
  12. I'm a Gripmaster leather guy. I prefer to play without a glove and these are tacky in all kinds of play. I move my grips from set to set if my equipment changes. For the heck of it, I bought a few grips just to see how they compare: Winn Dri-Tac 2.0, Pure Pro (midsize), Iomic Sticky 2.3, Iomic x-Grip. None of these beat out the Grip Masters, but my thoughts: Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 - I like the feel of these. I am tempted to put some on a backup set, but they have a poor reputation for durability and wet weather play. Iomic x-Grip - I like these better than the Sticky 2.3 (which feel slimy to me). But they dont come in mid-size. Iomic Sticky 2.3 - They feel a bit slimy to me. Of the Iomic line, I prefer the x-Grip. Pure Pro (mid-size) - Not bad. I like them more than Iomic Sticky 2.3 (they feel less slimy / likely to move during the swing). But less than x-Grip.
  13. I saw the Jumbomax for the first time on some clubs I purchase. They are like the handle on a baseball bat! Not for me, though. What really sucks is they are hard to take off.
  14. I have not checked recently (since our season is over), but recall that the shots gained functionality was not available on both PC and mobile. Are there plans to address this?
  15. I havent figured it out. I turned it off for the rest of the round. Next round went fine. Then it happened again. I dont have a fix.
  16. Interestingly, the app has strokes gained while the dashboard does not. Maybe someone will correct me on that, but I have not been able to find it on the dashboard.
  17. Hardly used Edel SMS 56 T-Grind wedge. I bought this without being fit and the grind doesn't work for me. $160 shipped CONUS.
  18. Like others have noted, that makes it even worse. They charge you full retail for the club as if it came with the stock shaft though they don't pay for it. Then they add the full retail of the aftermarket shaft. Not the upcharge for a shaft. The full retail for the aftermarket shaft. So you've paid full price for two shafts and get one. And they've only paid for one too.
  19. You dont need to do ANY fiddling with the phone during the round. For best results, you have to press a button on the watch when you are done putting. This is to mark the location of the pin. You DO have to do post round editing. Not for missed shots. That hasn't happened to me yet. But the amount depends on how accurate you want your short game results to be. Here's what I mean: - You are still dependent on the precision of GPS. So while 1 or 2 yards is fine on a driver or iron shot, it can be a 3 to 6 foot (or more) difference in distance to the hole. That's a lot when you want to see if your pitching, chipping or putting is improving. - If that matters to you (it does to me), I've developed the following routine. After I hit my first putt, I walk out the distance to the hole using the old "1 yard step." When I'm done with the hole, I write that distance on the scorecard. My post round edit is to move the landing spot of the shot that hit the green to match that distance. It takes about 15 minutes to be honest, so not trivial. - And if you have penalties, there's some work there too.
  20. Thank you. "MGS" is not the right code, correct?
  21. Global. How do I access the MGS board?
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