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  1. 1. Jason, BC 2. HCP: 2-3 3. PXG 0811X w/ GD Tour AD DI-7X or MT-7X 4. 110-112 mph, Carry ~270-275 5. Henrik Stenson
  2. Thanks...here is a little teaser of what left...would consider selling a couple of them for the right price. Piretti bi-metal 2-tone, Damascus M2 with Mokume medallion, Machine M10 Garage, and my long time gamer Piretti 2014 Proto Potenza! Plus I all ready sold a few others cool ones! I figured it was time to share the wealth, and find them a new home!
  3. First Time Poster Here...long time visitor to MGS, but never knew you guys had a for sale forum. I do have 100% feedback from WRX and eBay...for those who are interested. Okay gents I need some funds to replace my cracked Driver. If you don't think my prices are fair...then make me a fair offer! Item 1: Piretti Cottonwood Henrik Stenson Tour Used Early Prototype So this is a very unique and rare putter. We all know Stenson used a Piretti Cottonwood on tour...this is not that putter, but this was one of a handful of prototypes made for Stenson before settling on the one he actually gamed (featuring a 0.25" longer neck than the standard). Stenson then gave this putter to another tour player to use once he settled on his final design.This putter has Stenson's initials stamped in the bumper (HS.P P for prototype) and HSP engraved on the face. The putter carbon steel with a black PVD coating and tri-sole. I don't know the exact head weight, but it fells lighter than my other Piretti's so I guess around 350-360g, 3* loft, 69* lie, and 33.5" long. Being an early prototype there is no original head cover, but I will include the one pictured (black and white Piretti or I have brand new white and red one not picture). The putter is used (obviously), but in overall pretty good shape. I have only rolled about a dozen balls with it on the carpet..the feel and sound is absolutely amazing...I have never heard or felt anything like it! It is difficult to put a price on this given its history, so lets roll with...$1700 OBRO NOTE: I have emails directly from Piretti confirming its connection to Stenson that I will pass along to whoever purchases the putter! Item 2: 1 of 1 Piretti Tour Only G$$ Welded Neck Prototype Potenza Putter Next up is a stunning 1 of 1 Piretti Tour Only GSS Welded Neck Potenza Prototype! This putter is absolutely gorgeous in every way...from white leather grip, black shaft, welded neck, the milling, and custom stamping. I picked up this putter a few months ago to add to my Piretti collection. The putter is essentially new, I have only rolled a handful of times indoors on carpet...feels amazing by the way! No marks what so ever on the putter as far as I can see...really just some slight marks on the white grip. Specs on this bad boy are: 3* loft, 68* lie, 33.5" long, offset is a half a shaft. Head cover is new and never used. MSRP on this putter is $2200...$1500 OBRO Item 3: Machine M4 End-Gamer PROTO 2 of 3 Another rare beauty. I picked this up a few months ago with plans to game it, but feel a little light compared to what I am used to, so I had a custom M2 Damascus made for me. Again, I don't know the exact head weight but would speculate around 350 g, but can be adjusted with weight screws (I don't have any, but I know who you can them from). So there were only 3 of these end-gamers made: one in 1018 SS, one in 303 SS, and the other in Aluminium Bronze (ALBZ)...this is the 303 version with blued finish and a gorgeous patina. The putter in very good condition, it was just serviced and cleaned up by an authorised Machine dealer. I don't know the exact specs on this one, length is close to 33.5", and would speculate the loft is around 3* and the lie is around 70*. $750 OBRO
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