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  1. I think you are right, the pronounced piece on the back seems to be more durable. It does slip a little on my foot but doesn't produce a blister. We'll see I guess
  2. I thought I had a problem but reading a few others, I feel much better. 2 - Sketchers, not my favorite looks wise but they are very comfortable and very durable. 3 - Under Armour, favorite looking shoes, not as comfortable as the others and not nearly as durable. The backs rip faster than any other shoe. Hoping the have figured this out with the new backs on the HOVRs. 1 - Adidas, my first spikeless shoes I ever really liked. 1 - Puma, hardly ever wear these as they give me blisters and aren't very comfortable. 2 - Jordan ADG, I know, I know, not exactly the traditio
  3. Chris, Mankato MN I'd like to try the 460 model Swing speed 110-112
  4. I think you hit this one 300 right down the middle
  5. I find them a touch less boardy and am seeing slightly higher ball flight.
  6. If that's what you see that's what you see. I did say that the greens are so fast on the Tour now that you don't see bump and runs nearly as often as you used to and also said that for you to use exclusively one club you have to put in a lot of time to perfect it. Most amateurs don't have that kind of time, just don't put in that time or are not capable of perfecting it. The best players I play with use a variety of clubs around the greens depending the on the situation. I'd say that a normal SW is still the choice for a majority of chips around greens but for players to never use an
  7. After playing Project X 6.0 iron shafts for 15 years I switched to Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 - S shafts for the past two years and really like the change. The Modus3 130 - x shafts would be closer to the 6.5.
  8. Almost all of the higher handicap players I play with use too high lofted clubs on almost every shot around the greens. I will not offer advise to anyone unless asked but if I'm asked I usually tell them that. I had one of my 12 handy guys ask about improving his short game, he was a SW or LW only player around the greens, I told him that and he's improved quite a bit. I don't get it, I'm thinking that these guys picked up the game later in life and were never taught a true short game maybe? If you watch professionals, most will use an 8 or 9 iron if they can and hit a bump and run chip.
  9. Chris - Mankato, MN 2 Hdcp Callaway X-Forged 18/Apex Pro combo PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  10. You got it. I don't get over to New Ulm very often but I've played over there a handful of times. We have a recip with them
  11. I wish I had a picture of the push carts my club has. They are old school, three decent sized actual bicycle tires facing forward, a nice spot to store divot mix, a really nice area to keep your drink, scorecard, rangefinder, also a nice sized basket below to throw your pullover, vest, etc in. They move effortlessly and are very stable, we've had rookies put them by a green and have them get blown into a ravine with a small breeze or a small decline Everyone that plays our course has the same look on their face when they see the ol relics, but by the end of the first hole they are always
  12. I have yet to try the 21, it's hard enough where I live to get the 12 The Tullamore cider cask has a touch more sweetness than the cheaper one, I like it better. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for the Amrut, that's intriguing.
  13. Bought a bottle this weekend. It is different than every other Irish I've tasted. Fairly smoky and the finish hangs in there a looooooong time. It was wearing on me by the end of my second pour. Not sure it's an everyday drinker but it's a nice changeup.
  14. With ya there. In the off season I decided to thin down my "decoy" bag from the closet and sell some stuff. Well, at this point after selling a couple wedges, two putters and a 3w I still have more clubs in it than at the end of last season. Yikes.
  15. I have not but I'm sure I'll will have to take a trip to the booze shop shortly the way this is going. I'll see if I can find it.
  16. Are there any Irish Whisky guys in here? I like bourbon, like ryes, don't care for most scotches, but have recently fallen in love with Irish Whisky. Some of my favorite everyday drinkers are Jameson Black Barrel, Tullamore Cider Cask and Writer's Tears. Redbreast 12 is great and my favorite is Green Spot.
  17. Evnroll was started by the guy that used to make Rife putters I believe? That face has been around for quite a while. I used to have a blade Rife putter in my bag, maybe 15 years ago, but I can't remember what the model was. Wish Evnroll had more of a counterbalance selection. You can customize a putter but are limited to 36" length and 370g head size in most models. Grips are not really counterbalanced either. Great looking putters though!
  18. Titleist makes a great bag as well. I currently use one that I won at a tournament and the two are similar, horse a piece.
  19. I've always been a fan of Ogio bags. They offer pretty much any size you could possibly want and I like their zipperless ball pocket a lot.
  20. I hit my 3 wood off the tee on two of my par 4s on my home course. The landing area on the first one runs out if I hit the driver and the second one is a short dogleg left and I can sweep the 3 wood much easier than I can with the driver. I rarely hit it into a par 5, they just are not holes that you want to hit a wood in to.
  21. Very good video. This is the reason why I try to buy an adjustable driver with as close to the correct loft in the standard position as possible.
  22. Did the same, personalization was free too and not just some letters or saying on the side. I was able to put my initials in a small emblem with different colors
  23. I have played a Bridgestone ball for quite a few years. I like the cover better, they remind me of the Nike tour ball back in the day. I find the Tour Bx to be much more durable than every other "tour grade" ball as well. The only other one that I find to be even close to as durable is the Taylormade TP5x. It's amazing to me that we don't see them more, I suppose because you just don't see them very often in pro shops. Almost every tournament I play in when balls are announced on the first tee I am the only guy with a Tour B.
  24. For me, movable weight affects the feel/sound more than anything. Shaft characteristics make the biggest difference in ball flight. Tip stiff shafts keep the spin off the driver head down, which gives me the best launch/carry numbers. Lofting up or down doesn't make as much of a difference as shaft does. As others have said, not everyone is the same. If you don't swing hard enough, a low launch low spin shaft will do the opposite. It will launch low, not fly as far and not get the proper roll. For example, I watched a couple of my normal playing partners buy a driver with a Hzrdus S
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