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  1. Ryan Columbia , SC Typically practice every day at the “office” on a putting matt with the PuttOUT and eyeline golf mirror, usually only 15 mins or so. Make the PuttOUT, make 6 - 6 footers, 4 - 4 footers, 3 - 3 footers. I average less than one 3 putts per round I have a GC2 with TGC, works well, would love to practice putting the same way.
  2. RW's one word review - FIRM Hopefully you like calluses! I've been playing the Lamkin UTx Midsize Reminder for the last season or so, and wanted to see how the Golf Pride Z Grip Align's compare. My biggest issue with the UTx is the loss of tackiness and grip texture mid round. I've realized I must have extremely dirty hands because to keep them tacky, I have to clean the grips during my round. I play in the south, so the necessity for a cord grip is a must. Hence my gravitation to the Z Grip. Golf Pride hails the Z Grip as the firmest grip model with "heavy cord texture and moisture management." And indeed it is firm. I mean really firm, like don't hit one thin. Ever. Its also noticeably thinner than the UTx Midsize. My 6 iron was gripped first with no additional wraps, and that's when I noticed the size difference. Not to make the same mistake twice, my Fairway Metal was wrapped with 3 additional wraps of tape. These additional wraps made the grip closest to the size of the UTx Midsize. Reminder grips have been around forever, and in Golf Pride's eyes, what's old is new right? I enjoy a reminder. I've had grip issues forever, and they help me place my hands where they should be. Does the Align tech help - Yes. Is it any better than a standard reminder grip - No. One downside to reminder grips is they really shouldn't be played with wedges in my opinion. If you open the club face at all the "Align strip" gets all out of whack and really throws your "align"ment off. (Currently waiting on the Lamkin Players Cord to come in) Final Thoughts The Golf Pride Z Cord Align is a great grip if you enjoy a firm feel and need to be "reminded" where your hands go. I'll play these until the wear out, or want something new, but will not be purchasing again. 3 out of 5
  3. I've been playing golf for a long time, 25 plus years. Id say I really started playing around 13 (Turn 39 this year) , in the local Augusta Area Junior Golf Tournaments. Never came close to a leader board though. Yes I've been to the Masters. My handicap is as low as its been ever - 3.8. My average score this year so far is 78. Why do I like it? Honestly, because I'm relatively good at it. There's always a goal to set and achieve. The goal this year is to shoot 72. Why MyGolfSpy? Basically I'm a data and equipment nerd. Half of my clubs are Most Wanted. Originally from Augusta, GA. Live in Columbia, SC now and play at Spring Valley County Club. The best thing and worst thing is the Proximity to Augusta and Myrtle Beach. Golf is dog crap in Columbia compared to Augusta. The NICEST club in Columbia is no where close to, heck even the County Course (Bartram Trail) in the Augusta Area. We're about two and a half hours from Myrtle - where golf is plentiful and cheap. I own an e-commerce company. AIM
  4. Ryan Wall, Columbia, SC, and 40ish Rounds per year @ryanwwall on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 4 HCP, Driver Swing Speed 100 Current Set in Signature Cobra F9 - 9° (Fuji Atmos TS Blue 7 Stiff) , Cobra F9 - 3-4 FW (Stiff), Cobra F9 - 3H (Stiff), Cobra F9 Irons One Length (WHY NOT!?!) 5-GW(Stiff) , Cobra King Wedges 50°, 54°, 58°(S400) . Ultralight Stand Bag (Whatever Color)
  5. 1. Ryan 2. Columbia, SC 3. 6 4. Garmin GPS / The Grint Pro
  6. 1. Ryan Columbia, SC 2. 6.5 3. Your dream bag of Cleveland gear: Launcher - like the one I still use. Man still cant beat it. Lancher HB 15 Degree Driving Iron or 18 Degree 5 Wood 3/4 Hybrid - Whatever goes 210 or so. CBX 5-9 RTX-3 Raw Tour Wedges 46 V-MG, 54 V-FG, 58 V-LG S400 Shafts Huntington Beach #6 O/S Grip
  7. d- Ryan - Columbia, South Carolina - Adams Idea Tech V3 - 3 (19 Degrees) and 4 (21 Degrees ) - Bassara 65 Gram Stiff Flex - Workable, High Flight, Land Soft.
  8. Columbia , SC Cleveland Classic #2 Towards, I need to improve my towards
  9. Ryan South Carolina, USA 6 Handicap Ping i25's (5-W)
  10. Welcome to the forums RWankles8 :)


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