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  1. Ryan/California Tensei CK Blue 60 stiff 110 More distance. Other than that it feels great. Just looking for something different. No. But could talk to someone at my course who has one. Or download one and use it for the test.
  2. Upraded to an M6 Rocket fairway wood this year. Wanted to loft down to a 14 degree 3 wood and get rid of my driver. Play the same stock Atmos 6-S shaft as the one I used in the M4. Although the M6 is easy to hit off the tee and turf, and distance is great, I can't get much ball flight, whereas with my M4 I got both distance and great ball height-- which made going into par 5s easy. Question, is this more an issue with lofting down to 14 degrees from the 15 I was at? The shaft? Or is this common in the new M6 rocket model? Also, for anyone who's had experience playing the M5 fairway wood. Did you find that it was any harder to hit than the M6? Looking for a great fairway wood to use both off the tee and on the turf to get into par 5s. Struggling with getting the ball up. Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi, has anyone tried both the Odyssey White Hot Putter and the Scotty Cameron Red X Putter (the one with the insert)? Was wondering if they had similar feels? Always enjoyed the White Hot feel on my Rossie. And being that the Red X is similar shape, was wondering how they compared as far as feel go? Thanks
  4. Thanks. Didn't enjoy what the M3 felt like, so I've looked past the M4. Enjoy the M2. Need to go to a shop and try out the Ping I guess.
  5. Any thoughts on the G400 Ping? Was turned off by the original one because of all the hype about the MAX and LST. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. Leaning toward the M2, though i found the new Cobra F9 for around $243...
  7. How's it going. I am looking at getting a new driver (used one) but cannot get a fitting. Was hoping someone here might be able to give me a recommendation. Deciding between a Cobra F 8+ and a TaylorMade M2 (2nd generation). Both under $200 which is my price range. My handicap is a 6, and my speed swing is somewhere in the 105-115 range. Currently playing an M6 fairway wood but would like to add a driver to the bag. Was hoping someone on here might have played either the Cobra or the M2-- or perhaps something else. Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. 1. Ryan / California 2. 6.7 / 115 3. Taylor Made M1 (2017) 4. Epic Flash
  9. 1. Ryan and California 2. 6 and 110mph 3. Taylor Made M1 4. G410 Plus
  10. Ryan California, Los Angeles, USA 5.1 Taylor Made PSi KBS TOUR PING i210
  11. Ryan / Los Angeles, California Callaway Epic GBB / aldila rogue max 75-S 17 degrees if it helps I average 2-3 rounds of golf a week. can also get out there in the late afternoons and play by myself, thus being able to test various lies, distances. use the 18 Birdies app for yardages, have an I-Phone 7 with lens' for pictures.
  12. Ryan Los Angeles, California Taylor Made PSi / KBS TOUR /C-Taper 105 S 170 yards
  13. Ryan / Los Angeles, California Taylor Made R-9 / Adila S 140ish / 7.7 9.5 / S
  14. 1. Ryan and Los Angeles, California 2. Taylor Made Psi /KBS TOUR C-Taper 105 S 3. 7.7 4. Launcher CBX (if it helps: can play 3-4 rounds in a week and use 18 Birdies App to measure distance, etc. have access to a few ranges and a solid short game facility.)
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