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  1. 1,) Zach/Wisconsin 2.) 9 HDCP 105SS 3.) Callaway Great Big Bertha (2016/2016 Model) 4.) Epic Flash
  2. Couple items today all prices are obo and looking to move quick so make an offer I can’t refuse. Only trade interest is a Taylormade m4 driver obviously with some cash moving from my hands to yours in the deal. Sale is conus only, onto the gear. 1.) Titleist 915f 15* w/aldila rogue max 75s. Plays to Titleist standard length comes with stock headcover. asking $50 OBO. 2.) Titleist 816 H1 19* w/aldila tour blue 85s. Also playing to Titleist standard length, comes with 818 hybrid cover. Asking $60 OBO. 3.) Kbs tour hybrid shaft. Don’t know much as I got it in an extra as a trade. Pics show length from tip to grip. Asking $25 OBO. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. ZachSvec


    Putter is sold if mods could lock this up please.
  4. ZachSvec


    final price drop will ship the day of.
  5. ZachSvec


    Just one item today fellas, NO TRADES. Sale is conus only message me with any offers or questions. Asking $160 OBO $150 OBO $140 OBO
  6. Just got a set of these myself so wont be entering. Excited to see how they work for me and those selected, good luck to all!
  7. I also thought the timing of choosing to do that was a bit off, didnt check but maybe (presumably) round wasnt going all that well. However, technique is commendable, get him on golf channel soon for a little instructional series
  8. If interested you could check out "fried eggs golf" on youtube. He and his dad built a bentgrass (i think) putting green is his backyard and he has a series of videos talking about the construction of the green and the upkeep work involved as well as costs of equipment they had to buy and what they would have done differently knwoing what they know now. They dont go crazy in depth but definietly some things to be learned from that maybe hours worth of videos. Also he is located in indiana so they'd have faced the same problems you'd mentioned in your post. Love to see your progress if you go through with it, good luck!
  9. Zach Wisconsin 8.6 Titleist 714 ap2/Accra 95s prototype Would love to bag the I500 set
  10. ZachSvec


    Apologies to anyone whos enquired about the putter in the last two weeks ish, have been gone on vacation so havent been checking up on this, I did end up trading it so it is no longer available. Thanks to any and all who showed interest.
  11. ZachSvec


    Updated price as i want this thing moved, id also trade for a g400lst or max 10* of loft and some sort of stiff shaft (adding cash on my end obviously)
  12. ZachSvec


    Lets try a Saturday only price drop ill take $250 shipped first thing monday morning!
  13. Kind of echos all the replies so far but ive bought some basketball jerseys off their website for pretty damn cheap and they're definietly not the real deal. Not as big of a deal with clothing personally but golf clubs, probably wouldnt risk it.
  14. ZachSvec


    Hey all just one item today and looking to pass it on at what i thinks a good price. Evnroll Er3 35in comes with stock headcover (lost the ballmarker) will let the pics do the talking on this one. Awesome stick, just like the shape of Er2 at address better. Sale is CONUS only, not looking for any trades on this, will be able to ship the day of purchase in almost all cases. Any questions or if you want more pics pm and ill be happy to help. Asking $240 Now $old shipped on this but if you think pricing is off shoot me a reasonable offer and maybe we can work something out.
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