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  1. Name: Desmond State: Virginia, USA Age: 46 Handicap: 9 Irons: MIURA CB57 (#4-PW) • Shafts: N.S. PRO Modus³ Tour 120 Stiff • Lie: +2° up / Loft: Std. / Length: +1” Iron (Driving Iron): TITLEIST 712u (#2 @ 17°) • Shafts: KBS C-Taper Lt. 110 Stiff • Lie: +2° up / Loft: Std. / Length: Std. Wedges: TITLEIST VOKEY SM6 52/8F & 58/8M • Shafts: TT Dynamic Gold s300 Stiff • Lie: +2° up / Loft: Std. / Length: +1”
  2. WTB/WTT for ... Taylor Made 790 Iron Set (pref Nippon Modus Stiff Shafts) Tour Edge Exotics CBX 13.5° Fairway (Stiff Shaft?) Tour Edge Exotics CBX 16° Hybrid (Stiff Shaft?) I currently have a set of ... · (4-PW) Miura CB57 w/Nippon Modus Stiff shafts ... *The set is 7 months young at worst 9/10 condition. They're kept in great shape as should be. ALSO, I have a few other items I'm considering selling/trading ... · (1) Mizuno JPX 900 Driver · (2) Mizuno JPX 900 Hybrids (16° & 19°) *All have Speeder (stiff) shafts and I will provide shaft specs for anyone interested. PLEASE LET ME KNOW - Des (Lexington, VA) hawaiimarine@icloud.com
  3. Are you still able/interested? I'm VERY interested WTB/WTT for TM 790's. I currently have a set of ... · (4-PW) Miura CB57 w/Nippon Modus Stiff shafts ... *The set is 7 months young at worst 9/10 condition. They're kept in great shape as should be. ALSO, I have a few other items I'm considering selling/trading ... · (1) Mizuno JPX 900 Driver · (2) Mizuno JPX 900 Hybrids (16° & 19°) *All have Speeder (stiff) shafts and I will provide shaft specs for anyone interested. I'm ALSO WTB/WTT for ... · Tour Edge Exotics CBX 3-Fwy (13.5° w/stiff shaft options) · Tour Edge Exotics CBX 2-Hyb (16° w/stiff shaft options) PLEASE LET ME KNOW - Des hawaiimarine@icloud.com
  4. kevinconnors, I sent you a message ... when you have a moment check it out. Kind Regards & Semper Fi, Des (hawaiimarine) hawaiimarine@icloud.com
  5. Yeah I was the same mindset. For the longest time I was swinging the s300's and those things are so darn heavy in comparison. The miura's I have now are fit with the Nippon 120's----BUTTER! WOW they're even smoother than the c-taper lite's--but understandable considering the price they run compared to the KBS shafts. The Mizuno JPX900 Forged are one hell of a club--performance-wise they're a step above the AP2's in my opinion. Not to mention feel & forgivability!
  6. Save your money and return the hot metals. Trust me, you'll LOVE the 8-club Forged set! I can trim them to standard or desired length and put new grips with however many wraps desired ... I have a package of golf pride Tour Velvet Supertack mid sized grips ...
  7. Good evening--or morning actually ... I have an 8-piece set of Mizuno JPX900 Forged irons (4i-GW). I just purchased them this April, and have played them in total of 8 rounds. These clubs are in excellent condition and by the "eBay Condition Rating Scale" I'd say they are no less than a 9/10. I'm currently a 7 handicap and take great pride in keeping my equipment clean and between shots--before and/or after each round. For the money that this game--this "addiction" we all fall victim to, I prefer to keep my investment(s) in great shape. Why am I selling these clubs if I just bought them, you ask? I came across an amazing deal I could not pass up from a friend of mine here in VA. In May, I purchased a set of Miura CB57's. With that said, and the performance they provide, I decided to sell these Mizunos. A side note, for the longest time, I was an ALL-Titleist guy. I swung the AP2's for 9 years, and it was just 2 years ago, I switched to Mizuno. The look, feel, forgiveness are amazing! If I had not come across the opportunity with the Miura's, I'd be knocking in darts with these! Below are all of the currents specs and details. IF you're able, I will gladly send you photos of the clubs ... club head--face, back, sole ... as well I'll provide you pics of the full set side-by-side to include the shafts, hosel, (serial number) and the grips which are also brand new. 2017 Mizuno JPX900 Forged (8-piece rthand irons) * 4i-GW (+2° upright / standard lofts) * 4i-6i (+3/4" lengthened) * 7i-GW (+1" lengthened) * Shafts: KBS C-Tapered Lite 110 (steel/stiff) * Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Supertack (midsize, single wrap, black, label down) * Condition: 9/10 (just purchased this April--4 months owned, with 8 rounds use) * Photos are available upon request for serious interested buyers. (I will post photos in this forum tomorrow) * Price: $700 but will entertain offers. Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to respond with any questions you may have at your earliest convenience. I'm not sure if I can leave a phone number for texting Q&A, photos, etc. but will provide if I'm allowed to do so. This photo is NOT of current set for sale. It is a placeholder for photos to be posted soon. This photo is of the 2017 Mizuno JPX900 Forged iron. Kind Regards & Semper Fi Des lexington, va 24450 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. WANTED: MIURA CB57 9/10 or BETTER

  9. ISO: Miura CB57 (4-PW) ..... do you have any thoughts or know of a high quality/condition set out there for sale?
  10. Good evening fellas! I'm currently IN SEARCH OF a set of MIURA CB57 (4-PW) irons. Preferably, I'd like to have the option to discuss a deal over these with a quality/condition rating no lower than 9/10 .. MINT ... NEW. If easier to work something out for just the "heads", I'm open ears! IF you have or know of someone who want to discuss this ... below is the desired wish list but by no means is a deal breaker. The condition is the only "deal breaker" Shaft: KBS C-Taper LITE stiff (+1" lengthened) Lie: +2* upright Loft: +2* strengthened I look forward to all and any help, thoughts, assistance you may have and thank you greatly for whatever you're able to assist with! Semper Fi AlohaMarine
  11. ---------------------------------------------------- You took the words right out of my mouth! 9 times out of ten it's short game inside 40-50 yards where the work needs to be done. But course management can make a huge difference. Many times we find ourselves letting our pride attempt shots that even pros simply can't make. So instead of chipping out a shot to that 40 yard range and keeping par possible and at worst, bogey probable--we ultimately sell out and the odds are not in our favor and we're in dbl/triple bogey desperation. Then we spend the next 2-3 holes pissed at ourselves for giving back 1, 2 or even 3 shots to the course because we let our pride get in the way of our confidence inside 40 yards after a little commitment to steady pre-round practice. One other note--whatever shot you choose--NEVER be indecisive. Whether it's a long approach, take-your-medicine chip out, or even a putt ... decide and COMMIT 1000%. if you're not committed to the shot, there are to many what-if's leaking into your mind, and in turn causing tension--and as we all know, tension and anxiety will turn a 2-over round into 6-over, with 7 holes to play. 1. SHORT GAME - Practice/Pre-Round wedges and short game works well for for all aspects of your game believe it or not ... 2. COURSE MANAGEMENT vs pride 3. COMMIT 1000% on the shot! I hope that made some sense and helped! Semper Fi fellas! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Desmond Virginia, USA 7.2 Mizuno JPX900 Forged Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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