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  1. I pay an intermediate mebership at my club. I pay $1500 a year for golf (course is still not open and weather doesnt allow much play after sept.) and $450 a year for curling. That gets me unlimited play and range balls. Add an extra $75 for a locker and no food or drink is included. We always have club tournaments and they will usually cost $30 to play. I walk almost every round but I think cart rentals are $32
  2. The biggest frustration with my game is having to work all week and not getting to play golf. Lol
  3. It was my understanding that a shaft will only wear out from cracks and if it has been stored at a freezing cold temperature. I certainly don't claim to be any sort of expert on the subject though and am curious to see what others have to say.
  4. Been with my gf for 3 years and the first summer I played a fair amount of golf, but not my usual amount and she accepted it. Last summer it was a very big issue and I had an awful year and my handicap went up and tournament results were just awful. At the end of the year I explained that golf is something I am passionate about and she understands that I am excessively competitive. Told her I won't be sacrificing my game to appease her this summer. We shall see how this year play out
  5. Really interested to see the results of the ONE LENGTH It's been quite some time since I hit a GI iron, wouldn't be able to provide valuable feedback. Good Luck everyone who enters and look forward to some good reading!
  6. I find it a bit silly the way some of the players use their yardage books. If you need a totpographic map to read a greeen you are either A) Not going to last very long on the PGA Tour or Have all the skills but an awful mental game and you need something or someone to prevent you from second guessing yourself. The mental side of golf should be and is the hardest part of the game. I really don't think this rule would make much of a difference to players putting stats but I do think it will speed up the game at the tour level. If you're a competitive amateur and you are hauling out your ya
  7. I would suggest finding a shaft with a low kick point and if accuracy doesnt give you any issue, then something with a little more spin would not be a bad thing.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I entered to test the i200's so fingers crossed. I hit the previous i series model but found the a little too much GI style. If what Ping is claiming is correct these would be a great choice and I would be curious to see how they compare to a traditional blade style iron. I also took a look at some Mizuno and the JPX 900 Tour look very nice as well but no lefty options.
  9. 1. Augusta 2. St. Andrews 3. Cypress Point 4. Cabot Cliffs/Cabot Links 5. Pebble Beach 6. Bandon Dunes 7. Bay Hill 8. Miurfield 9. Turnberry 10. Royal Montreal
  10. 2017 M2 Driver - Diamana Blue Board 6S, Tipped 0.5 2017 M1 3 & 5 Wood - Diamana White 7X MIURA CB Y-Grind 4-PW - X100 Vokey 50* 54*, 58* Scotty Futura X5 One can dream.
  11. I have yet to be turned away at a golf course when showing up as a single. I find that a starter who is personable and enjoys his job will always go the extra mile to make sure that he/she pairs up singles with a good group and not folks who really don't want someone joining them.
  12. Hey All! The time has come for new irons and I have tried out several models over the year. I have played Titleist 690 MB's, PIng i59 & Callaway RAZR X MB the last 12 years. Looking at the irons available and the amount of golf I now play I am thinking about changing from playing a blade style iron to something in the middle of a blade and game improvement. Some sets that stand out to me are Apex Pro 16, 716 AP2, PING iBlade (dont consider this iron a blade, as it was fairly forgiving when I hit it) & PING i200. THe i200 has been standing out a lot to me lately as well. Any
  13. One thing that I have noticed with irons is the lack of changes made in the "Players Irons" category. I would be unable to comment on game improvement irons but I have tried out many different models of CB's and MB's over the last 10 years. I have come to the conclusion that different iron sets have different weighting and feel, as well as turf interaction. I have found very little difference in Launch Monitor numbers when comparing so called "Players Irons". I came to the conclusion that the look and feel are the most important factors for me so I don't change irons much. I get a 4 month
  14. My most recent Florida trip was in the Sarasota area. we played several round at UNiversity Park and it is a great track for the price. I have also played the Disney Courses several times and found Magnolia and The Palm fantastic. The Four Seasons now owns the Osprey Ridge course and that is an excellent resort course.
  15. It would be cool if a company like TM, or any OEM offered a rental program... Become a member, pay monthly dues and get the new Tech. every year or two depending on what membership option you chose. It would allow TM to have guaranteed sales year to year by selling the memberships in one, two or three year terms depending on how often you would like to upgrade. Renew your membership evrytime you upgrade and send the old clubs back. That would be a program of interest to everyone who like shiny new toys and TM gets to build brand loyalty. Obviously there would be a ton of kinks to iron out
  16. I would love to find a good price on either a set of Callaway Apex Pro 16's or a set of PING iBlades or i200 Also really like the feel of the M1 fairway woods
  17. "You know what else draws a corwd? a golfer with arm sticking out of his a**" Shooter McGavin
  18. May be an option to go with a 17* Hybrid and a strong lofted 3-wood (13*) for tight tee shots
  19. making 5-10 foot putt's that go in the center of the cup. You know if right off the face and just walk that sucker in
  20. My hunting on Callaway pre-owned continues... Lol Can anyone tell me where I find the classifieds on here?
  21. If it's common to be playing 5-6 hr rounds it takes the fun away. Personally, I wouldnt be able to play very much if that was the only option. I'm ok with slow tournament rounds but a practice round at that pace is insane.
  22. I thought this was a great start to an upgrade program, it will certainly need some tweaks as it porgresses. Seems like a good way for TM to get customers to continue playing TM gear for a long period of time as oppesed to switching brand entirely when its time to upgrade your epuiptment.
  23. Hey all! I've been a member of other gof talk forums and thought I would join here. I use to play a large amount of tournament golf as a jr. and was rather successfull. I am now 28 and I really wanty to get my game back in shape and take golf a little more serious for an amateur. I have always maintained a mebership at the club I played at as a jr. and tried my best to play the best equiptment I could afford which leads me to my question for fellow golfers that may be in a similar situation to myself. I am trying to get prepared for this years season here in Canada and I am need of
  24. Blair Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada 2 Handicap Current Set: Callaway RAZR X Muscleback
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