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  1. I have heard of similar loft issues here in the UK but never a stamping problem...usually 1 or 2 degree`s out and for what a decent set of irons cost these days it should not be happening.
  2. Tier 1: Tommy Fleetwood Tier 2: Paul Casey Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Charley Hoffman Tier 5: Marcus Armitage Winning -16
  3. A friend here in the UK has just sent his back due to finish failure.. such a shame because they really are a beautiful piece of equipment
  4. Played nine holes with the Rogue subzero today and WOW I have to get one. I play the Titleist 917 D3 and the sub-zero outperforms it right across the board. Tomorrow I will indeed buy the club I said I would not buy!!
  5. Is this offer for the UK military as well?
  6. I`m often dreaming looking on TSG. The stuff they do looks stunning I really want some Miura irons. Sky Dream Jump wedges We all have different wants, feels, and needs, I am just glad we have options for all these fine things. If it makes you happy and no one gets hurt along the way...go for it!!!
  7. I totally agree on the D grind it`s magical I just wish the wedges are forged in feel.
  8. Putter head cover is beautiful !! Grand set me bean!!!
  9. I still have a set of Hogan irons with the Apex 4 shafts in them.
  10. BYE BYE SM7`s

  11. Well a short review after using these for a month Titleist Vokey SM7 Initially, when I got them I was impressed upon unwrapping, The finish looked beautiful in the Brushed steel. The new D grind in the 58 worked well through the very wet turf here in the UK The 50 and 54 are the S grind for a bit of all-around performance. I`m going to be totally honest here and throw it out there, the feel even using premium balls is harsh compared to the Mizuno S18. The Mizuno S18 feel softer yet more solid.In fact, I hate to say it but the Vokeys feel cheap in comparison."ouch" The brushed steel
  12. I have Just bought a pair of 2018 FootJoy dryjoy Tours in wide fitment. They are really comfy I have played 2 rounds in them and I`m very impressed. The story does not end here I will indeed be buying a pair of the 360`s as you guys give them the thumbs up
  13. Gary Smith England UK Handicap 6 current wedge set Titleist SM7 50/54/58 Strengths. Visualising shots from 30 yards in..The lob shot. The aggressive chip one bounce and check, Weakness. Chip and runs I rarely use this shot but I plan on working this into my practice regime.
  14. Well, I bought the Speith 2 shoes in black and they come up very small in size compared to other brands so I am going to return them. So it`s down to the Footjoy Tour S and the Adidas 360 boa 2.0
  15. I have a few pairs of shoes but they are all white and I am in search of a nice Black pair I have a few in mind and was wondering if any of you Golf spies have tried any of these and have any recommendations I play in the UK it often rains and the courses don't drain really well sometimes it`s like hit the ball of porridge!!! Adidas Adidpure TP 2.0 Adidas 360 boa 2.0 Under Armour Speith 2 FootJoy Icon black FootJoy Tour-S Love to hear your thoughts on these
  16. Lovely set off classics going on there, Enjoy
  17. Golf gloves we all use them (well nearly all of us) Gloves aren't a glamour item or something that creates great interest Yet to most of us they are really essential part of the game. I have found some gloves have a better fit for my hand than others and that some have more supple leather. Some seem to wear out much quicker than others. I have found that the new Footjoy FLX fit my hand really well but don't seem to last. The Under Armour tour strikeskin seems to be much harder wearing for me and seems to last quite a while. I would be interested to read about your findings w
  18. Apparently, the finish on the brushed steel wears through pretty quick giving it that Raw look and feels. This is what I have heard but don`t quote me on that only time will tell.
  19. Hope these pictures help show the wear on the brushed steel finish.
  20. I will post some up later today for you
  21. The Brushed Steel finish wears pretty quick but it sort of adds to the classic look of the wedge
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