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  1. John, Chicago, IL, USA Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 2012 33" Heppler Anser 2 as it is the recommendation from PING WebFit and blade style putters fit my eye best.
  2. John/Chicago, Illinois Practice putting fire about 10 minutes before each round (2/week) and then about 30 minutes once a week I average 2-3 3-putts a round with about 38 putts/round I am interested in the simulation aspect and to see how realistic the experience is. To have a realistic putting practice at home will help putting confidence and my feeling of hitting the spots I am trying to putt to. Seeing how the putting practice translates to the course is of my most interest as I am fairly consistent tee to green and my scores depend on my putter.
  3. John Illinois ​Do you use performance tracking? No Do you use a GPS watch? No, just use bushnell rangefinder Which ones?
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