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  1. David, Birmingham, AL, =/- 24 rounds Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 14, driver swing speed 95 Apex CF 16, XR Driver, Rogue 3wd & 3 hyb, Mackdaddy 4 50, 54, Mackdaddy 3 PM 60 F9 Conventional length stiff 95, Stiff flex woods.
  2. 730, I just now saw this post and I don't know if you've already played Silver Lakes or not. I will tell you the original design was built in a fairly wooded area. A few years ago a tornado came through and cleared hundreds/thousands of trees out. This has change the personality of the course a lot. The wind is a major factor. The greens are typical RTJ, very large with with tiers (tears flow often) dividing the mass into zone. Hitting to the middle of the green is a penalty. You've got to shoot towards the pin. Don't worry, there will be plenty of area around the flag. Also, the rough around the green is tight so an errant shot will roll off and down the slopes of the elevated greens. If you're coming here, I would strongly suggest playing FarmLinks in Sylacauga. Check it out and put it on your bucket list. (my profile pic is the 17th at the Farm) Good luck at Silver Lakes.
  3. T1 - Tommy Fleetwood T2 - Brandon Grace T3 - Daniel Berger T4 - Danny Willett T5 - Padraig Harrington Tie Break - -5
  4. What a GREAT company. David Alabama Apex CF16 XP95 Stiff 7 iron 165 - 170
  5. Tier 1 - P Reed Tier 2 - L Oosthuizen Tier 3 - T Finau Tier 4 - B Steele Tier 5 - T Mullinax Final Score -3
  6. I'm a part time club fitter at Edwin Watts in B'ham. I worked FT for several years, but left to follow my dream job. I work at Watts now for fun, and it is fun. I've read MyGolfSpy a long time and recommend it to customers when they're "just looking" and not sure what they want. I encourage them to do a bit of research before getting fit. I know for a fact getting fit makes a huge difference. My bag is Callaway and Ping. I've hit EVERYTHING Watts sells and made my selection from extensive testing for me. What I like and what you like may be different. I don't judge. I'm looking forward to making some on line friends, product discussions, and suggestions for golf in your area. BTW, Alabama and some FANTASTIC golf
  7. Good luck everyone David/Alabama XR 10.5 Speeder 665 (stiff) SS 98 (avg)/ 14 Handicap 9.5/Tensei CK Blue 67
  8. David Birmingham, AL United States Handicap 13 Apex CF16
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