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Welcome golfers!


My name is Mitch and I am from the twin cities in the great state of Minnesota. Don't let my young age fool you, I'm currently a business student pursuing a degree in finance with minors in accounting and business law.


I'm here for two reasons: I love to golf and I love to write. This forum allows me to pursue both those passions as well as distribute some knowledge I have accumulated throughout my golf career and soak some up as well.


A little back story on me... I grew up in the suburbs of the twin cities before moving to Michigan, which is where my family resides, in my early teens. I now live on my own back in MN where I go to school. As far as golf goes, I played competitive my whole life before deciding to give up the competitive side of things to focus on my degree. Although this is a new chapter in my golf career, I still have the same burning passion for the game and may find myself in some amateur tournaments in the upcoming Summers. I currently sit around a 2 handicap and am going to continue grinding to get down to that illusive scratch. 


That's a little about me! Looking forward to being an active member of the community and to continue growing my game with everyone else!

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