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  1. I made 5 in a row in a high school tourney and then finished that nine going double, bogey, triple. Also made 4 in a row and an dunk eagle in a blizzard/crazy wind to shoot 77 in another tourney. That still stands as one of the best rounds of my life despite touching the 60s before.



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  2. Looking good Bud! Keep up the good work!



    - Alan

    Thanks! Getting back out with some old high school teammates this week and don't want to get embarrassed lol
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  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r1XmALqUls


    Updated driver swing.

    Positives: I've been coming in super inside lately this is a much better takeaway and swing looks on plane. Left side is clearing really well = ball is going a mile.

    Critiques: Let arm could be straighter at the top, more chest rotation on back swing, a little handsy on takeaway, tempo is a little quick


    Swing is coming along much better!

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  4. There needs to be "free" summer programs for kids to just come use the practice facilities and range. Or offer cheap summer range passes for juniors. I've always felt that PGA professionals could do more to reach out to the community (no offense to those that read this, I used to be a PGA assistant so I don't feel I'm way off base). I used to organize and help run junior programs with 100+ kids each year and saw several get college access. So it is possible, but I hear to much about "the cost" of doing it.


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    Growing up a course had a $100 Summer membership for juniors. It was 45 minutes away but would just get dropped off and play all day.

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  5. A lot of good stuff going on with your swing. Do you have a coach/instructor? I see one thing that may help, but am hesitant to offer unsolicited analysis, or put thoughts in your head a coach may not agree with.

    Yeah I have a coach, I'm curious what are you thinking?

  6. Exactly my thoughts. **** the putting if you can't even get to the green without penalties.

    But assuming your driving and putting are at the same level... then perhaps I would give putting the slight advantage.

    If anything I would say at the highest maybe the putting because anyone can put the ball in play. But even then, the driver can still get you in a lot of trouble. 

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