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  1. What about a show highlighting some of the top juniors around the country/world. Showing their travel to AGJA events, days at their golf academies, stuff like that. Those kids are all over the country every weekend, take classes, and play at such a high level. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I'all watch anything that Paige is in, thumbs up for me.
  3. Skratch is one of my favorite social media follows, as well as No Laying Up. Just some really quality stuff. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Has to be the big dog. Driver sets you up for up to 14 holes of the 18 (maybe less if it's short or you don't hit driver). Yes a putter is important, but I would argue that the amount of technology in a driver trumps the putter in relation to being in love with your driver vs. your putter. My coach always said "driving for show and putting for dough" is b******* because you'll almost never play a good round if you can't get off the teebox.
  5. Not really about the rules thing but if you don't follow Poults on twitter you really should it's comical.
  6. I was trying a trick where my friend bounced a ball of the pavement and I whacked it with my driver and accidentally hit the hozel and snapped the shaft. Had that warranty though lol
  7. Yeah I'll be back at it this weekend lol
  8. Why do I always tell myself I'm going to the range to "de-stress" lol
  9. http://youtu.be/XheKDqVmfdY http://youtu.be/bTTGidIK5aA Here's an iron and a driver swing, it's not pretty. My lower body seemed funky today and club was coming up inside. Stuff to work on I guess.
  10. True, I thought of that but wondered if there was a simpler way.
  11. If anyone has ever felt like they lost their swing overnight and then struggled for an hour on the range to find out what was wrong and then decided to stop practicing bad habits (whatever it is)... that's me today.
  12. Okay who knows how to post a video on here... I forgot about the size restrictions
  13. Don't take my advice I have no idea lol
  14. Just had an ugly range session but driver and iron swing coming up!
  15. I also seem to get asked a lot for advice when I get paired up with random people. I always make sure to reference that every swing is different and I am not their local licensed PGA pro but try to give my best judgement.
  16. Heading to the range soon and will be taking a video!
  17. If you're a fan of Panera, i'm a fan of you.
  18. I tried looking around for a thread where people just posted their swing videos, I'm sure it is somewhere but being that I'm new and there are a lot of new members I figured I'd start one since I'll be hitting the range later for a study break. I've always been a huge advocate of the "swing your swing" mentality being that a lot of my movements are a little unorthodox. So let's try to keep it positive and don't be shy. Post your swing, talk about what you're working on a little, or just any thoughts in general.
  19. I have a UDI and for some reason the chunkiness psychs me out. I'm not a bad ball striker, and for some reason I have just never hit it consistently. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. I have a Ping G that spins wayyyyy to much, need something else. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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