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  1. What about a show highlighting some of the top juniors around the country/world. Showing their travel to AGJA events, days at their golf academies, stuff like that. Those kids are all over the country every weekend, take classes, and play at such a high level.



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  2. The First Tee success stories...

    Am I the only one whose eyes welled up (maybe just a few times) during the Drive, Putt and Chip showings this weekend? I think a show that showcases the impact that our game has on young people would be fun.


    Pimp my cart...

    A friend of mine lives in an exclusive golf community and some of those carts are sick. If they could find a family owned business that had a similarly weird dyamic, then something like a reboot of the American Chopper for golf carts could be fun.


    A Season with ________...

    Pro and college footbal has done it. I'd love to follow an early favorite NCAA team for a season.



    The not-Haney Project...

    Nothing against Hank, but show me a new, up-and-coming coach. Someone without a big name (but a good personality). And I don't care if the coach has a Barkley-esque project or tweaks a Web.com guy or Symetra girl.



    18 Holes with Paige Spiranac...

    just sayin

    I'all watch anything that Paige is in, thumbs up for me.
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  3. Has to be the big dog. Driver sets you up for up to 14 holes of the 18 (maybe less if it's short or you don't hit driver). Yes a putter is important, but I would argue that the amount of technology in a driver trumps the putter in relation to being in love with your driver vs. your putter. My coach always said "driving for show and putting for dough" is b******* because you'll almost never play a good round if you can't get off the teebox. 

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  4. I was trying a trick where my friend bounced a ball of the pavement and I whacked it with my driver and accidentally hit the hozel and snapped the shaft. Had that warranty though lol 

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  5. MDGolfHacker and I are playing this afternoon, we'll see if we can video each other and hopefully out of 225 combined swings, we'll find a couple good ones :D

    Just had an ugly range session but driver and iron swing coming up!
  6. I tried looking around for a thread where people just posted their swing videos, I'm sure it is somewhere but being that I'm new and there are a lot of new members I figured I'd start one since I'll be hitting the range later for a study break. I've always been a huge advocate of the "swing your swing" mentality being that a lot of my movements are a little unorthodox. So let's try to keep it positive and don't be shy.


    Post your swing, talk about what you're working on a little, or just any thoughts in general.

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  7. I hit the Ping Crossover yesterday, I prefer my 712u. But it was a great club. Really hot off the face, nice mid ball flight. A bit chunky for my liking.



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    I have a UDI and for some reason the chunkiness psychs me out. I'm not a bad ball striker, and for some reason I have just never hit it consistently.



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