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  1. I'm with you on the data, that's why I try to contain my watching when I'm connected to wifi at home, work or panera. Seems like I'm always at one of the three..ha


    Podcasts is a good one as well, I think there is a thread on that, I'll see if I can find and resurrect it.

    Is Panera not the best thing ever or what



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  2. When I started golf a family friend told me Tiger Woods employed a 10 step mentality. He let himself be angry about a shot for 10 steps but then moved on. That's really stuck with me.



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  3. This is great advice. I took my four iron out of the bag and opt instead for a 5-rescue with a shortened shaft and a 3-hybrid. I know based on my distance that the only time I will need anything longer than my 5-iron is if I get too much movement on my driver, ending up short and in the rough--enter the 5-rescue. Oh, and the occasional long par 3.

    especially with different brands having their own definition on how strong of lofts every 4 or 5 iron/hybrid club is. Just have to gap everything.



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  4. So I am debating on getting a new putter, I currently use the TaylorMade Spider Blade Counter Balanced putter. I am a fairly decent putter, usually average under 2 per hole. I am ready to go all in on a putter, and was looking at a Cameron Newport or going totally different style with the Spider (since it seems to be the most popular on tour now).  


    Are either of these really going to help me that much?


    After playing around in the store with the spider it seems that this club is harder turn or not come back smooth and straight with due to the longer backside, is that the purpose of the design or am I crazy? 

    Putting is all mental so yes your putter will make a difference. Find something you love the look of and, in turn, you will roll it better. 

  5. That kid is insanely good... and he posts some good practice session ideas. Hope to see him on tour someday, I feel like I'm watching him grow up. 

    That's what I'm saying he's crazy! I have friends who have played against him in tourneys. 

  6. I watch those guys you say. I'm in the mid 30's crowd come May 12th. I do get some enjoyment out of those guys. I tend to stay away from how to's.


    My video for the i200's is my first YouTube attempt. But I'm thinking about doing fast forward rounds on there or something. No one here in the states does the cool stuff like those Gents.


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    Seems like more and more people are getting into the cinematography aspect of things (drone shots, better camera work, etc.) only making the videos more and more entertaining. And I like that idea, I'm a sucker for golf videos. 

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  7. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, or even if this is something people do.


    But youtube as a social media outlet continues to grow and grow, and with that comes an influx of a lot of information. I've been noticing a lot of golfing youtubers growing and just a lot of channels covering golf being started in general. It may be just myself coming from a younger generation than a lot of people on here (no offense guys) but do other people utilize this resource? I constantly find myself watching course vlogs, product reviews, drills, etc. Similar to things people look to these forums for. Personally, I find a lot of the European guys entertaining: Rick Shiels, Mark Crossfield, Peter Finch to name a few.


    What are people's opinions on golfing youtubers? Who do you watch regularly? Does anyone on here post youtube videos on golf? Curious as to what people think of this. 

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  8. Not really a course thing, but that one over-protective ranger has sort of always irked me. I'm all for courses with multiple rangers who facilitate rules and pace of play, and throughout my career I've met some incredible people who are very passionate about the game. But there's always that bad egg in the bunch that takes their job maybe a little to seriously or sees younger players on the course and assumes they do not understand golf etiquette or pace of play (I also understand that there are disrespectful younger players that don't understand the game and that is why there is that reputation). I was always taught that if you do not respect the course and golf etiquette than you have no business being out there. I guess what I'm trying to say is I always hated getting the stink-eye when I would practice out on the course and hit two balls or replay a shot when I am clearly not holding up play in any way.


    For anyone that works on a golf course reading this I really appreciate the work you do!

  9. Greetings! 


    I am new to the site and would love some advice from other people passionate about the game. I have been considering new irons for quite some time now. I'm currently gaming the Adams Golf Cross-Cavity irons. I am trying to decide if I should get these fitted or wait to get fitted when I can invest in a new setup. If anyone has any recommendations, I would appreciate it. 


    I'm currently around a 20 handicap and get to play maybe 2 to 3 times per week. I am wondering if a lack of club fitting may be holding me back from seeing my game progress. I fight a fade, and I know I need an upright lie--I am thinking the two are related?


    Thanks for your advice! 

    Can't stress enough to get fit, it will change your life and is worth the time and money. 

  10. I honestly never noticed astounding differences until I switched to the M2 (2016). Previously I played an old cobra, then the Anser, to the G25, then to a SLDR, and now onto the M2. I don't know if it was just a mental thing of owning the top of the line driver for that year for the first time in my life, or if it really is the tech. But I genuinely hit the ball about 30 yards further than I did and exceedingly straighter. Could be proper fitting too going from an X Oban Kyoshi White to a stock Fuji shaft in a S.



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