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  1. I love golf shoes...


    2014 Nike TW Mesh (most comfortable shoe)

    2015 Nike TW

    2016 Jordan ST

    2017 Nike Air zoom 90 it

    2017 Nike Explorer 2




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    Are the 2014 TW mesh the white ones with subtle lime green and black speckles? If so a buddy of mine raves about those too.



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  2. It was hit or miss for me but I did it for a few months right when they started out. I would do it for the sheer excitement of getting something every month. You will definitely get stuff you don't like but say you luck out on one item and it basically makes the entire box worth it if you used a discount code.



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  3. I too am in the same boat with losing some weight, I'm down four sizes in the waist after really getting into fitness this year in college. Best part is heading home in a week and going to have my mom take me out and redo my golf wardrobe with me for a reward.



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  4. Spikeless is a great route to go on warm, dry days. But up north that is often not the case and, having a fast swing speed, I tend to slip a little on the tee box. Consensus, good to have a pair in the rotation for comfort but I prefer spikes.



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  5. How about a can of Dr. Scholls to spray your club faces and see where you're striking the ball on the face. My coach showed me this about a year ago and everyone that sees me spraying my driver on the range is astounded by how simple, cheap, and effective it is. I'd recommend everyone keep it in their bag and it will keep your shoes smelling fresh!



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  6. I remember getting teased a bit by my dads golf partner Kevin about having head covers on my irons as a kid. I was thinking in my head, really ya JA!


    Here's my take on why I am making headcovers for all of my irons, wedges, and utility clubs.


    Disclaimer: I currently do not have iron covers, and I mostly ride in a cart. This year my goal is to walk 75% of the time.


    First: It is an investment. You spend $$$ on these little pieces of steel.


    Second: That sound of club faces clacking together down the fairway makes me cringe. There are grooves on those things!!!


    Third: Nothing makes me more angry than a chip in the top of my putter, driver, etc.


    I got that 712u last year and it is forged. Wow, it took a beating. So this year it will be rocking a lost sock till I get the head covers made.


    I am looking to purchase the Cobra King LTD's very soon. That's a $1200 investment for me, pretty good chunk of cash considering my truck was only $3000. If they get beat by cart traffic I would be a little upset.


    My current gamers are cast and they still take a beating. Even if my new set is cast I will be putting the head covers on them, as I plan to have them for a while.


    Wedges... these things give the second most entertainment in the bag if you ask me. Nothing cooler than executing a wedge shot that stops, spins, and zips a cross the green. Why let those faces get beat up?


    Putter is obvious to me. Cover is a must.


    My 52° TM wedge has a massive dent in the face from one outing in a cart.


    What do you all think?


    Would you rock some head covers on your irons and wedges after reading this?




    - Al

    I'll take the beating on my clubs for the sake of keeping my man card. And as far as the iron clacking, for me it was a confidence booster playing in tournaments and walking with my chest up and my irons making a rhythmic noise. I can see where you are coming from though, all jokes aside.



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  7. My goal today was to shoot 85. I cruised through the first 6 holes crushing drives and flushing irons. +2 so far. I get to the second par 5 and let's just say it was a dumpster fire. I duck hooked my drive into the woods. I gave myself 5 minutes to find my ball and I couldn't find it even though it didn't go that far in. Went back to the tee box and blocked my third shot to the right in the trees. Tried to hit a knock down 5 iron but caught it thin off of the pine straw and it only went about 50 yards into fairway. Had 207 into the green so went with a 4 hybrid and topped it. Then knocked a 7 iron pin high but off of the green to the right. Chipped on and two putted. My round never recovered after that. It was either par, bogey, or a double. Surprisingly 6 pars but still shot in the 90's. It was very discouraging, but I saw glimpses of progress from the recent hours at the range. Going to get a range session in tomorrow night and then walk 18 on Tuesday. I'm thinking about keeping a sheet with 1-100 on it and diary what each stroke was to give myself some insight. Anyone ever do this?



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    I forget who it was but read an article a couple years back on a college kid that wrote about every shot he hit after every round. He would say what went into his shot decision, the result, and how committed he was. Tried it for one round and gave up but hey, interesting idea.



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  8. They also have a USGA rule book app. I don't mind answering the questions. But if you're starting to take the game seriously it might be worth the download. It's free.


    Good luck on your quest!



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    Also free to order a rule book online on the USGA website, just pay shipping. Our high school team was required to have the latest edition every year and it would be like $5 for shipping.



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  9. I game SM5s (52,56) in F grinds and if your technique is solid you can still manipulate the face and play some versatile shots. It takes some adjustment but I can hit a flop from a tight lie with 14 bounce. Looking to get those new bronze SM6s though this summer and have shallowed my swing out since I bought the 2 wedges with full grinds so I'm in a similar boat grind wise.



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  10. Thanks for giving back aliens8mycow. This is what is all about!!


    I started out because we moved to a golf course community, and Tiger Woods was making a HUGE deal out of golf. I had posters of him, Jack, and Arnie, along with the 3 Stooges golf in my room in 7th grade. I ended up working at the golf course and got some wilson blades to play with. Finally made the golf team in HS and cut the following week. Been playing since I was 10-11, and took a 6-7 year break. Getting my kids interested isn't as easy as it was for me, not many big things getting done on tour lately. Not like Big Cat anyways.



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    I too idolized Tiger while getting into the game. Every week was an exciting one when he was out there. Regardless of what he's gone through, I'll always look at him as a role model.



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  11. Nobody was big golfers in my family except for my grandfather, and he passed away before I could ever play with him. I started going to a camp once a week every summer but the golf swing and baseball swing didn't mix too well. I fell in love with the game when I gave up baseball and fell in love with the process of getting better. Fast forward to now and my handicap continues to drop every season and my family is now more heavily involved in the sport, including two younger brothers who seem to want to follow in big bro's footsteps.



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  12. Greetings from Prior Lake -- you mentioned several of my favorite tracks - I live about 10 minutes from the Wilds/Meadows. Play a lot at Stonebrooke and Crystal Lake. Usually play during the week - the weekend pass from She Who Must Be Obeyed are hard to come by ;-)

    Seeing a lot of lakers on here, I'm from Shakopee myself.



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  13. Hi everyone!  Love the idea of my golf spy...cool website with lots of "real" information.


    If anyone is looking to play and is in MN or travels here, shoot me a note and we'll go play.  I'm in the SW Metro area and play all around.


    My favorite track in MN is Deacon's Lodge, but locally I enjoy Minnesota Valley (home track), Meadows at Mystic, Legends, Wilds, Stonebrooke, Edinburugh, Baker...really not a bad course anywhere...I just love to play.

    Meadows is so pure. One of my favorite I've ever played, also enjoy Minnesota Valley. Learned the game on Stonebrooke/Water's Edge.  

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