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  1. When are the testers being announced this week?
  2. The best round of my life was on 3 hours of sleep and a late night with some buddies in town for my graduation party. We were up till about 4 in the morning and had a 7 am tee time at a course an hour away. I was still feeling it out on the course and got around in the red numbers on a course playing about 7,200 yards.
  3. Even when I played tournaments range sessions vs. what I was doing on the course seemed to vary sometimes as well. Probably a mental thing considering a good range session could amp you up or a bad session could lower your expectations.
  4. In my opinion, putting stats are such a relative statistic. If there is one thing about golf, it's that the only statistic that can tell the story is your score (and that's a strong if). Think about average putts for one second, now think about how you could average over 2 putts per hole and shoot under par if you hit 18 greens and reach par 5s in 2. Or think about how you could have a really low average putts per round but not hit many greens. Average putts per round is related to proximity to the hole, GIR, etc.. What if a guy comes into the clubhouse and says man I hit 14 fairways today. Th
  5. It's more about how many greens you hit. You hit 18 greens and average 1.9 putts that's a hell of a round.
  6. Didn't really know where to post, but was surfing the web and came across a series of videos showing various pros' warm up routines. I'm just curious as to what your warm up routines are? I normally like to head to the range first; I have a specific range routine I do. Half 56s, full 56s, PW, 8 iron, 4 iron, 3 wood, driver, then work on whatever I had been practicing on during the week. Then I like to chip and then round out with putting. But I guess I never have followed this super strictly. Do you have a strict routine you follow? Maybe a playlist? Superstitions? Post what you do to get
  7. Great outlook on it! I think I'll stick with my boosts and get a second pair tbd.
  8. Those vapors are just sooooooo nice, I think I've reached my consensus.
  9. Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone!
  10. I would love to build an inventory of shoes to rotate through but I tend to pick favorites and run them into the ground. I should probably work on that. The adiboosts were a life-saver in tournament golf playing 6 hour rounds.
  11. Get to a chipping green and get the stroke down first. Open your feet slightly, keep your wrists out of it, and accelerate through the ball. Once you have the stroke down, move the ball position around and figure out which sort of window you like the ball to come out in. Will give you confidence, help you pick your landing target, and understand how much roll out you will get. Also, don't be the guy that plays 100 different chips/pitches with 5 different clubs. Learn how to hit multiple shots with a go-to club. There is a time and place to hit a flop with a lob wedge and a bump with an 8 iron,
  12. Scrolling through the forums on a study break and came across this thread so here's what I have going on... Currently studying for 3 huge finals (Psychology, Management, Macroeconomics) My roommate is sick so I can't go back to my room and relax The weather sucks and I can't go take my usual study break on the range I got about 4 hours of sleep last night My motivation is dwindling I'm fine, everything is fine. One week left and I'm out practicing, playing, working on the course all Summer so that is pushing me through!
  13. Always been an Adidas guy myself, the new Nike lunar control vapors are really tempting though. I'm a sucker for a slick, white shoe.
  14. Been wanting a pair of DNA's since the originals, seem to really tear greens up though. Might have to experiment with Ecco, hear they're super comfortable and I walk a lot of rounds.
  15. The one negative I have on the tour 360 boost BOA's is that when you step in a puddle, the murky water gets trapped in this insert on the sides of the shoe and its impossible to clean. But boy, when you click them and spin it to tighten, everyone watches in awe.
  16. I hope you turned, tossed him the club without saying anything, and kept walking.
  17. If anything it could just be a lack of focus on the tee. Maybe look at your pre-shot routine and try to incorporate an over exaggerated swing that makes you feel like the club is doing what you want it to. I started noticing Rickie really over exaggerating his practice swings and gave it a shot. No matter what my swing thought is, I really stress it in my pre-shot. Then its just stepping up to the tee and committing. Sounds easy enough but gives you a lot of confidence and I've noticed the big miss really being eliminated for me. Hope that made sense.
  18. If you're not holding your finish for an absurdly long time and finishing with an over-dramatized club twirl, can you even consider yourself a serious golfer?
  19. What's everyone wearing on their feet for this season? I'm a big sneaker head on and off the golf course and have been loving anything involving Adidas' boost. I've been wearing the tour 360 boost BOA but it is time for a change and haven't done much research on new products yet. But why spend time scrolling through company's websites and golf magazines when I can just ask you guys. What are your recommendations? My big points are comfort and style. You know what they say: look good, feel good, play good.
  20. In my opinion, there's nothing like striping a long iron. There is just something about stepping up to a shot you may not be feeling to confident about, and then catching that part of the club face where you can't even feel the contact with the ball. Glorious.
  21. Not only does betting make the round more fun, but it adds that pressure that everyone is looking for! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. I had a high school teammate shoot 50 on the front and 32 on the back, the funniest post-round conversation ever. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. I currently play a Taylormade Aeroburner TP 3 wood and am looking to switch it up this season. I have it slightly cut down and hit it a mile, but it is just beat up. Time for some new tech. Some of the clubs I'm planning on testing: Old and new M series- really liked the aeroburner so seems like a no brainer Cobra King baffler series- have heard interesting things about the baffler technology I also am going to look more into the the Callaway and Ping options. Any suggestions, comments, first-hand accounts, etc. are appreciated!
  24. I switched to non-dominant hand low for two reasons: it was a quick adjustment and eliminates excess wrist movement. I played left hand low the first day experimented with it on the practice green. Immediately I notice how much more confident I got inside 6 ft. Every straight you just line it up, grip, and hammer it home. Just mentally it is comforting that your hand closest to the hole is leading your stroke.
  25. Never thought of that, I just wrap an extra beach towel around the heads and they've always traveled fine. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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