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  1. I hope they have a great year. I am coming to them from Mizuno 919 and PXG 0311 T irons. For me the feel and look of the Srixons were better than both. The ZX7 irons were very soft but felt powerful. 2 years ago I would have bought them, but the wife and kids have added a couple stokes to the game. I liked a bit of help this time around if I am a bit off... lol Sent from my iPhone
  2. Srixon has an amazing line up this year. I never thought going into my fittings that these would be my next clubsThey look and feel fantastic. I was leaning toward the Titleist T100 and Callaway Apex Pro 21 going into my fitting. Was going to do a blended set of ZX5 &7 but the look at the ball was not much different. Might as well take advantage of the little bit of help here and there with the ZX5 irons. IMG_2822.HEIC Srixon ZX5 Driver 9.5 ALDILA ROGUE 130 MSI X Srixon ZF85 3 Wood 15 degree - Project X HZRDUS Red S Srixon ZX5 Irons 3-PW KBS C Taper Lite S Titleist Vokey SM8 50/54/60 DG S200 Scotty Cameron Concept X Sent from my iPhone
  3. Well said. When I play sanctioned tournaments I do pull out the 3w or the 2i depending on the course. I have 15 tennis racquets as well [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone
  4. I have played all brands. Not really a fan boy just happened to work out this way. All preform very well for me. Had a Epic Flash before the M6 and was not a fan. IBlades I loved before the “Rahm” irons they were just wore out from all the use, considering the new Blueprint irons. Sent from my iPhone
  5. Rolls great. Feels solid off the face and the weight is perfect for me. Looks great at the ball. Been averaging 28 putts since the change a few months ago. Better distance control than my previous Spider. Sent from my iPhone
  6. Current set up in my bag. TM M6 10.5 Atmos Black X, TM SLDR S 15* Fuji Speeder S, TM GAPR 2 17* KBS hybrid S, TM P770 3-PW KBS S, TM Milled Grind 52,56,60, TM Ardmore 3 Copper. Switch out the 3 wood and GAPR depending on where I am playing and ho Sent from my iPhone
  7. Starfire and Cave Creek should definitely be avoided. From downtown you could get to the Raven pretty easily and for a City course Aquila is the best of the group. Legacy is a good track as well, next door to the Raven. Papago has gone downhill a bit, not as nice as it once was Course wise. New clubhouse is nice and the practice facility. Sent from my iPhone
  8. I believe Hogan started making putters in 1958 / 1959. My guess would be it is between 1960-1965 as far as the production year. Nice stick! Most Vintage Hogan’s go for $30-60 in the market. Not as sought after as old bullseyes. Cool piece, I like it[emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Rejected again! Next year is the year [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone
  10. Papago has gone down hill a bit. The new clubhouse and restaurant is top notch, but course conditions have suffered. Pretty dry and worn, at least 2 months back. Good layout though Sent from my iPhone
  11. The results surprised me that is for sure. I would never use it but It was a cool video. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Must play would be the mentioned Troon North and Quintero. The 2 Verrado Courses in Buckeye are great Founders and Victory, I prefer the Founders But #18 at the Victory is the best hole. Southern Dunes is great as well. Boulders is nice a nice resort course with some beautiful scenery. A few other good options are Grayhawk, Sun Ridge Canyon, Whirlwind, Raven, Gold Canyon, Rio Verde Golf and Social Club, and Wickenburg Ranch. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I have played them all multiple times. If it is a guys trip for fun you will have a blast at talking stick. The course is average but the casino next door is a great place to hang out and Top Golf is a block away. GC of Estrella is a great track, the Pointe is fun and has some good holes and views of the city. Dove Valley is nice with some good holes, Rancho Manana is a bit quirky at times but has some good views as well, short course. I would probably drop Rancho Manana. For the price of the TPC you could play Troon North, way better course. The TPC is fun just play where the pros play, but Troon North is the top dog. Check the over-seed schedules, courses out here begin to close mid September to October. I know the Pointe was late September last year as well as One of the Talking Stick Courses. The Verrado Victory and Founders courses in Buckeye are great as well as Quintero out by Lake Pleasant. Something to check out. Any questions let me know. Enjoy the trip! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. A tradition like no other. My annual rejection email should come in July [emoji24] hoping to break the cycle this year Sent from my iPhone
  15. Taylormade definitely does have the best group of players. DJ, Rory, Tiger, Day, Rahm is tough to beat. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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