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  1. Lets just say I was playing particularly well. Not too often am I making multiple 20+ foot putts. Hopefully its a sign of things to come! Sent from my SM-G892A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Shot my first round of even golf. Only down side was that I was 3 under going into the 16th. Pressure got to me! Sent from my SM-G892A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Kramer/ Oklahoma 11 Cleveland RTX (56° and 60°) and RTX 2.0 (52°) 60° from 100 yards Sent from my SM-G892A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. I was heartbroken once again...
  5. Since I have gotten my official GHIN handicap last year, I have been a 9. I had a streak for about a month where I was playing great (7 rounds under a 84). Seemed like every round I was setting a personal best (79). However, all those scores are about to be replaced and my handicap will likely be trending towards a 10 or 11. [emoji24] Hopefully I can turn it around and start posting lower scores. Hoping to shoot in the 70's a couple times this Summer. Question becomes, how is everyone else's handicap trending? Below is a quick look at my current golf game
  6. I am right there with you. I'll have rounds where I hit every fairway but can't hit the green, or I can't hit the fairway but can punch out and get up and down. Can never put it all together. It's a frustrating game we play. [emoji2]
  7. Shot an 88 after a 10 on the sixteenth (some very unfortunate bounces...) I gave away 8 strokes on two holes. Bright side is I had two birdies on the front nine and made some long putts.
  8. They have good ice cream. That's all I know about them. I stopped at one on a golf trip in Iowa.
  9. I'm a sucker for a good Cuban Sandwich.
  10. King Cobra TM burner superfast 2.0- Keeping it until it breaks...
  11. Anything that involves sports. Luckily, I'm still young enough to continue playing everything.
  12. There's a store where I went to college that's get gear from insurance companies. Once a year they have a huge golf sale from pro shops and other stores that filed claims. Needless to say, every year I go down and stock up on gloves shoes balls and clubs because almost everything is heavily discounted. Last year I left with 12 gloves 3 pairs of shoes and a new Cleveland wedge for a little over $200.
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