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  1. Simon Thorpe Southampton, England Wilson Staff Di9 irons with reg steel shaft I hit 7 iron 140-145 yards Amazing opportunity for any winner, I would love to be involved.
  2. Cheers, I must admit, I used to go for looks, but now I just want to get the ball in the darn hole! Going to try the TFI Cero which I think is still in shops and the HB1 if I can get hold of one! On a budget, Cleveland are doing a fantastic job
  3. First of all, can I wish you all a Merry Christmas! It has been a long while since I last posted but I am in the position of needing a new putter. I found Adam's vlog on 'no tech' putters very interesting and it started me thinking! I am restricted by budget £120 tops and am looking at best options. I normally go with mallet but have slight arc in stroke so could opt for moderate toe hang blade. Have been reading MGS reviews of Cleveland Huntington Beach putters and TFI 2135 putters. I was leaning towards HB1 or 6, but then I noticed the TFI Cero which looked amazing. If this wasn't confusing enough, I noticed Cleveland have introduced the Satin range which will be available in England in early 2018! I also can't try the HB range as AG aren't stocking in store. Anyone in America trialed the Satin Cero for instance? Hoping this putter will finally end my odyssey searching for the perfect wand and will be a keeper. Any thoughts gratefully received.
  4. Simon - Southampton, England 16 Handicap Benross Rip Speed 10 driver with regular Adila Tour blue shaft 92mph swing speed - 220 yard carry distance Favourite Callaway Staffer - Stenson As I had my Callaway ident ad created using the Epic Driver, I would love the chance to review this fantastic club as well, added 25 yards to my distance with driver.
  5. Dankiz

    Adams Golf

    Is Taylormade still up for sale?
  6. Dankiz

    Adams Golf

    I play and love my Adams Blue irons and hybrids combo, after previously using the Adams A12 combo set. Playing off 20, I find Adams perfectly suit my game. they are well made and very forgiving. Now I know that Taylormade bought the brand and the logo is still on the headquarters building in Carlsbad, but is Adams realistically defunct as a brand? Real shame if so, but just wondered if anybody knew the lowdown as to Taylormades plans for them?
  7. Adams Blue hybrid! Love it.....so good I replied twice
  8. First Name Simon thorpe Home State/Province Hampshire, England Current Handicap - 20 Current Iron Set - Adams Blue One length or Variable - One length Fantastic opportunity, would love the chance to be a proper golf spy member
  9. Love my Adams Blue Hybrid, but I play off 20 so need all the help I can get! Most Adams hybrids were great to hit tho
  10. Recently bought the new Cleveland Huntingdon Beach no 6 putter. Also attached the Winnpro 1.32 grip. For the price £69.99, had to give it a big thumbs up here, just love the soft buttery feel off the face! It just feels like coming home. Only used once at the Oxfordshire Golf club on Monday, but shot 37 points off 20, so think it worked pretty well. Will update as I complete more rounds and include pics, but big thumbs up to Cleveland for producing a lovely feeling putter for a great price.
  11. Dankiz

    Callaway ident day

    Think I will, cheers fella
  12. First post here! I won a competition to have my own Callaway Ident ad on Sky Sports and had the most fantastic day at the Oxfordshire GC on Tues. Have to be totally honest and say the Callaway guys were brilliant all day, even being patient with a modest 20 handicapper like myself. First time I have used Callaway clubs and I have to say, I was more impressed than I thought I would be. The Apex iron almost made me weep, it felt so good to swing. I have always worked on a small budget and can't afford the top brands, but the feel was amazing. I may have to rethink my strategy. Look out for my rubbish 20 handicap swing on sky sports from May (Thorpie), definitely looking to improve in 2017! I might look aesthetically poor, but I still managed 37 points round the Oxfordhire off the whites, so not all bad! Glad to be a new member of this forum and appreciate any feedback.
  13. Simon Thorpe Aged 47 Southampton, Hampshire, England Handicap - 20 Adams Blue Irons
  14. Dankiz


    Hi one and all, new member from Hampshire, England! Looking forward to being part of the Golfspy community
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