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  1. You played better than your score (I thought you were killing me so when I found out what I shot I was as shocked as anyone!!!) and I feel your pain on the short game... I couldn't figure out the greens for chipping/pitching as they checked when I didn't want them too and refused to check when I hit the ball perfect...
  2. I'm still gonna kick your ass again this year (just kidding.... or am I???)! HEHEHEHEHE! Looks like a good schedule this year and should be lots of fun! What adjustments did you make for the long game? I'm looking to swap drivers myself but haven't gotten the right fit just yet (took a RadSpeed 9 degee with the HZRDS Smoke Blue RDX out to the course 2 weeks ago and could get it to launch enough (confirmed on Trackman later that day that launch and spin were wayyyyyyy too low and also discovered that the real loft is 8.2 and not 9)...
  3. I was a 19.7 when I ordered my 699 Pro's and currently down to 17.2 (dropping quickly) and the reason I'm dropping quickly is because these irons are both predictable and forgiving! Predictable in that they want to go high and straight... yes, I can turn one over left (normal for me) but I have to get "handsy" and forgiving in that shots out towards the toe are not losing huge amounts of distance nor going offline! The suggested handicap for the 699 Pro's is 3-13 (of which I'm not) but it's just making the assumption that players in that range "tend" to strike the ball better... I am/was a 19
  4. YEP! I got range time in Wednesday night and got 18 in yesterday (I was supposed to play with you & Brian on Wednesday But I had to wait on furniture delivery)! Brian said you hit the new sticks really well... I took lots of notes from yesterday’s round and will use those and notes from Saturday to do an “unofficial review” but for the moment I can say OMFG!
  5. LOL.... yep! Mine get here tomorrow! I've cleared Wednesday & Friday to spend plenty of time before my tournament Saturday!
  6. I saw that as well... I’m calling them first thing Monday morning to upgrade my shipping to 2 day! Like you, I want some range time and at least a 9 hole round in for some course testing for a tournament next Saturday. I missed my tournament at Copperhead this weekend as the wife had surgery on Tuesday and tending to her was more important... but this coming weekend she’s just gonna have to do without me for a few hours!!! We can always do an “unofficial” review!
  7. I find vodka helps! Never underestimate the value of "swing lube"!
  8. The pain and agony of being a “mental midget” during a round! I try to do course management but many times to my detriment... couple of years ago I played tournament at OCN in Orlando where I shot 56 on the front 9 and 32 on the back! I was trying on the front 9 to put my ball into spots on the course that gave me the best/safest approach to playing/scoring and nothing worked. Making the turn I just didn’t care anymore and just started being aggressive for no other reason than it didn’t matter at that point (even hitting shots I had zero chance of pulling off and did)... key lesson I learned..
  9. I put my order in for the 699 Pro's today as well... I spoke with Jason on Tuesday and he basically removed any doubts I had. I would have ordered them yesterday but got hung up at work and couldn't slip away long enough to call my order in!
  10. Demo's arrived a few minutes ago! I'll hit the range with them in a few hours but the real test will be Saturday when I play a tournament at Innisbrook Copperhead... this time of the year the greens will be "firm-ish" so holding greens will be at a premium... traditionally, my 6 iron has be required to put in work at this course so I won't need to manage my way around it to get some quality looks at the performance. Initial impressions are as follows: Looks - Sub70 for the WIN! That "traditional look" is very welcomed and I have to say sorely missed! Top Line - ummmmm very not
  11. I’m in the market for new irons (need some help here from those that actually know what they are talking about) and went to Club Champion for a fitting. I was targeting the 919 Hot Metal Pro’s and commenced to hitting several shaft options. Long story short, it wasn’t the best experience in the world and I won’t be purchasing the irons from them. The 919’s did not offer me any upgrade over my current TM RSi1’s but I’ll challenge that in a sec so keep with me for a moment. What did offer me better performance was Hogan PTx Pro’s (I think). So let’s jump into the data: Current Gamers 6 iron
  12. I have the 699 Demo 6 & 9 irons on the way to me now so I can decide if I'm pulling the trigger on these (or most likely the 699 Pro's) or not... REALLY hoping these are the real deal because I'm at my wits end on selecting new clubs! I did a fitting at Club Champion and while it provided me some good data, they wanted an astronomical amount of money to get me into the Hogan Ptx Pro's.
  13. I think that the key value of the MSG report is using the robot to keep all variables equal and provide us with the outcome so we as a consumer know what we might expect on any swing mirroring that of the robot. All those other variables change on a swing by swing basis for every golfer (none of us are machines and repeat exactly the same swing every time) so attempting to create an analysis with all these other factors would be near impossible because you'd also need to factor weather variables (temp, humidity, wind) as well... so at the very least as a consumer I can view the report as "If I
  14. I have had this bag for 2 years now and have zero issues with it...
  15. Don - Florida 18 Hcp RSi1 (1/2 in over - 2 degree upright) JPX 900 Forged Sent from my SM-T820 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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