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  1. I play the CT lites in cobra forged tec and live them. Very smooth, for me as smooth as graphite shafts. I switched to these from multiple different graphites. The CT regulars are harsh, like a KBS FLT shaft or s300. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. I used to love the e6 balls and used them exclusively. When they moved to speed and soft, their performance (for me) changed so i stopped playing them completely. When u find one on the course,it goes straight to the practice bucket. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Ive been through my share of fittings and shafts, both stock and handcrafted. I've just sold off my last three extra drivers and am down to one from 13. Shafts went with the heads certainly. I do still retain about a dozen driver shafts that will be moving to new homes soon. Ive been through all Cobra stock variations plus hancrafted project x shafts here. TM M4 gine with three shafts, epic rogue, flash, big bertha dbd, with 6 shafts, pings offerings. Long story to get to the point...presently, G400 driver with a Project X LZ handcrafted, 5.5 flex (which can stand up to a 110 mph swing speed
  4. Not hitting the safe shot; i.e. the one they know they can make which results in not hitting shots well and resulting in penalty strokes. 3 shots of 7 or 8 iron will reach most par 4s, but invariably, poor tee shot in to trouble results in, usually, more trouble trying to advance the ball. Then usually longer iron into green which invariably misses then 1 or 2 chips and 2 or 3 putts. 7 iron from tee, 7 iron second shot, then 3rd from 50-120 yds, chip, 2 putts. Underclubbing? Sure but just not being able to hit a controlled shot to a target, regardless of club choice is a huge problem. Sent
  5. Ping g30 would be good. Or any other Ping G series clubs. AP2's are great clubs, but not forgiving. They are better player irons. RSI's had issues with hotspots and the rubber falling out of them. Cobra king forged tec are great and forgiving Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. Unusual. I walked 3-4 rounds last year and am still wearing the same pair. Down to twice a week since April but still in the same pair. My wife bought me a pair (2nd pair) for my birthday last year (Aug 2019) and i havent worn them yet as these are holding up so well. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. I started a couple of months ago because i found my sand wedge was too inconsistent on less than full sw shots. Ive been hugely surprised and happy. Lob wedge is very accurate from 50-80 yards now. I also had removed all my hybrids and 3w so has some space. Im 4-lob now with 7w, 5w, and driver. Its worked out really well and the first time in many years ive carried 4 and 5 irons in lieu of hybrids. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Jeff, Houston TX, USA Current = Callaway Triple Track Two Ball Test = Tomcat 14 because I need to have a solid alignment device on the putter. I also prefer mallets, larger mallets, and use straight or slight arc putters. Ive had and used the Fetch, (not Happler), Ketsch,Piper and while i liked all three, Ive sold them off in my search for something better. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. I use oakley wraps. Mine are progressive tri focals. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. 6'4" and i use a 35" putter. I have some longer but usually gravitate to 35. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. I first got fitted in 1977 at a pro shop at the course i played multiple times a week. I bought my first set of Pings, eye 2s, and have always had at least one set of pings to play since then. I learned then about green dot, upright lie and clubs longer than standard. 6'4" swinging 1970's standard shafts was less fun than fitted pings. Editing to add Ive been fitted at least a dozen times since then. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. USAmtour picked up from the Golf Channel Am tour. I played GC the last five years. Played one USAm tour tournament a few weeks ago. Same people but things are not quite the same. Golf week am tour seems popular around here (houston) ans many i played with on GC have moved to golf week. As a senior, i want to play against other seniors not against 25 year olds. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. I have two pair now and wore the previous pair out. They are all i wear for the last 3-4 years. Very comfortable. Great for walking which i do a lot. But for me, most importantly, they fit. Only a few footjoys will fit me and few other brands in any style fit correctly. Im a 13 wide and thats the issue in most cases. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. I prefer a line. The line is what i line up to my mark on the green or the hole as the case may be. Dots and no marks lend to a non-square face at impact. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  15. I bought a caddytek 4 wheel version about 4 years ago. No issues. Very easy to push, very stable, good storage and folds up easily to fit in the truck. I bought red wheeled version but now catch crap each round because the wheels are now pink. I walk every round until the temp is 100. Wife mase me pro.ise to ride when its hotter than that Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  16. Swing u app, pay the upgrade. Allows you to track all clubs each shot, based on gps. Is on your phone, excellent scoring app and tracks all stats except putting distance. Choose club at shot location. Hit track botton and club your using. Hit shot and walk to ball. Hit end shot. Saves distance for that shot and club. Ive used it for several years. Quality, helpful app with gps course overlay. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  17. Ive currently got 30 putters, down after selling several so id say im trial and error though i know what i like but i just buy putters. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  18. Personally, i love colored balls. Ive played orange and yellow, red, and even pink Volviks (which i hated how they felt and put in my practice bucket), red/white, yellow/white and green/white callys. I find them easier to find (except green/white) and i dont mind if others play them. However, im currently playing white Srixons that were given as tournament entry and im really enjoying them. For me, they are as long as anything else, but are really good around the greens for me. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  19. Cobra Bio Cell or F7, F8. Just sold a bio cell for 100ishon ebay. Had them, liked them, long. Ping G or G30 are great values. I use the G400 now but played the G and no noticeable distance fain, a bit more forgiveness. Sold the G for about 100 also. Epic Flash is super but still expensive. Much better than Epic, more distance and much more forgiving. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  20. JDHolmes


    5800 - 6300 because thats my tournament senior playing distance. If im yhe only senior in the group, ill usually move back to the whites because thats what most people think they should play. However, almost all should be playing the gold senior tees because they are poor golfers. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  21. Jeff, Houston TX 460 98 driver swing speed Thanks Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  22. Putter if its cut close enough. Thicker fringe grass and id probably use a 9 iron Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  23. Ease of play. I walk mostly and my favorites will have short walks between holes rather than random 500 yard traipses. Condition, mostly of greens and the ability to hit a shot at the stick with some hope of it syaying on the green. Hole playability. I.e. holes require "normal" shots, not superhuman (pro) level shots to score. For example, i would not like a course which required an iron to the dogleg but a 3 wood then into the green. One or two holes are fine, but many are not. Courses which reward good shots, not penalize them. Price is a factor for daily play. Tournament play is al
  24. Breathe deeply. Hit something you are certain of off the first tee. I'd recommend 7 iron or 6 iron as most people feel confident with one of those. A good first shot helps ease the first tee jitters. My first two seasons (16 tournaments or so), I was hands shaking, hyperventilating nervous. This resulted in poor tee shots of the first three tees normally. By 4 I'd calm down, but it was too late by then. As I've played more, theresno more jitters. What I've learned from five years of tourney play is minimize mistakes and compounded mistakes. Don't try the miracle shot to make up for a poor te
  25. Second jlukes comment. For me it was well worth the $10. It helped define my needs and helped me focus on certain shafts. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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