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  1. Who wouldn't want to test and review a high end putter and be able to keep it? Sign me up.
  2. What kind of golf skills machine is that? Never heard of that.
  3. I thought the rangefinders were a success. Most players I saw were using them. Caddies were not taking time to pace off yardages. Pace seem steady for a tough major with really tough conditions. I can see how pro caddies might not want them because rangefinders take away from their skill and preparation for tournaments. The caddies that work harder pre-tournament may have more accurate yardages. However nowadays, every player/caddie gets a lot of information from yardage books and green slope charts. That is a newer development. Still think rangefinders improve tournament golf.
  4. Phil just played fantastic this week. Outplayed the field. Watch out for him at the US Open on his home course. Oosthuizen still impresses at majors. His ball striking is pure. If he could putt, he would be holding more major trophies.
  5. Might be psychological, might be feel, might be technical, might be something else. Regardless if it improves your game it is worthwhile. Sometimes you just need an equipment change.
  6. The top players in the world will not want to go unless much later in their career. The entire focus of the top players is to win majors because that is what their careers are defined by. However, to me more big money tour events is better around the world because the PGA tour and Korn Ferry tour is so impacted. There are some big names on the Korn Ferry tour that are major winners or multiple PGA tour winners. Not sure if the PGL or SGL is the answer, but I'm pretty sure a lot of players struggling to get on the PGA tour or back to the PGA tour would be interested in playing big money events around the world even if they are not on the PGA tour. There are still a lot of markets where golf hasn't really broken into.
  7. Been playing for 40+ years since I was 5 and went though quite a few times where I felt that. The problem is I can't sit idle and always have to do something active so golf keeps driving me back to practice then to the course. Golf is constantly a roller coaster of a game.
  8. Not a lot, but definitely a few times per round. If you play tree lined courses, sometimes it calls for a particular shot shape. It is amazing what some of the pros do and how they work it almost every shot.
  9. Not my goto shot because the hit is really hard. The ball just launches off the face. Have to practice it a lot to get the distances correct. I like just going to less lofted irons or the bladed wedge when faced with a shot that you need to run through some lengthier fringe.
  10. It was fun to watch. The chaos of #13 ruling was crazy. You can totally see that when Spieth saved a bogey on 13th and Kuchar got a par, Spieth felt like he dodged a bullet and was completely charged up. I think in his mind, the 13th ended with best possible outcome with him getting a bogey and Kuchar getting a par. Spieth realistically could of dropped two or three strokes on the 13th if he got a double bogey and Kuchar got a birdie or par. After that Spieth was a new golfer and just knew he didn't throw it away on one hole and had to take advantage of the opportunity. What a finish.
  11. Visualizing the putter following through the front of the ball square with a straight back straight through stroke. Two things improved, hitting my lines better and better speed. Before, I struggled with not hitting putts on my line well and hitting tentative putts which affected short putts more.
  12. It is best to protect your eyes but I just have a problem seeing the with sunglasses on the course especially reading greens. Polarized glasses are better but still haven't found a pair of sunglasses I can wear for the entire round.
  13. Lots of things. Always tweaking things which is probably bad. Lol. However, mostly on sequencing. Specifically, stabilizing my lower body (hips) from firing too early to cause me to get stuck.
  14. Just curious if anyone knows of organized skin games in Santa Clara County Northern California?
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