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  1. Been playing for 40+ years since I was 5 and went though quite a few times where I felt that. The problem is I can't sit idle and always have to do something active so golf keeps driving me back to practice then to the course. Golf is constantly a roller coaster of a game.
  2. Not a lot, but definitely a few times per round. If you play tree lined courses, sometimes it calls for a particular shot shape. It is amazing what some of the pros do and how they work it almost every shot.
  3. Not my goto shot because the hit is really hard. The ball just launches off the face. Have to practice it a lot to get the distances correct. I like just going to less lofted irons or the bladed wedge when faced with a shot that you need to run through some lengthier fringe.
  4. It was fun to watch. The chaos of #13 ruling was crazy. You can totally see that when Spieth saved a bogey on 13th and Kuchar got a par, Spieth felt like he dodged a bullet and was completely charged up. I think in his mind, the 13th ended with best possible outcome with him getting a bogey and Kuchar getting a par. Spieth realistically could of dropped two or three strokes on the 13th if he got a double bogey and Kuchar got a birdie or par. After that Spieth was a new golfer and just knew he didn't throw it away on one hole and had to take advantage of the opportunity. What a finish.
  5. Visualizing the putter following through the front of the ball square with a straight back straight through stroke. Two things improved, hitting my lines better and better speed. Before, I struggled with not hitting putts on my line well and hitting tentative putts which affected short putts more.
  6. It is best to protect your eyes but I just have a problem seeing the with sunglasses on the course especially reading greens. Polarized glasses are better but still haven't found a pair of sunglasses I can wear for the entire round.
  7. Lots of things. Always tweaking things which is probably bad. Lol. However, mostly on sequencing. Specifically, stabilizing my lower body (hips) from firing too early to cause me to get stuck.
  8. Just curious if anyone knows of organized skin games in Santa Clara County Northern California?
  9. A lot of those are legit, because it is mind over matter. However, for most players the chaos usually wins. The best players are able to get pushed around, ignore the distractions, and still play well. The "I suck" one is my goto excuse and what everyone tells me so it has to be true.
  10. A course that uses every club in the bag. I like varying distances for different holes. For example, I don't like going to course where all the par 3s are the same distances and you are using the same club. I think a good course has varying hole distances short and long. I like green complexes with different zones that are differentiated by elevation, shape, or bunkering. Rolling hills that is a walkable course, not too severe. Gotta have trees. While I like links style courses, I really like more tree-lined courses. Finally, try to eliminate blind shots especially when hitting into greens. I
  11. Shot 78. 39-39. Had a double hit chip shot which led to a double bogey. Haha. Sloppy with wedges inside 100 and couldn't get the yardage right. Hit some good shots, hit some bad shots. Just ok round. However, here is a fun fact: I played with interlock grip the front nine and overlap grip the back nine. Experimenting with grips to see which is better. Still undecided.
  12. Best to just go try out a lot of shafts. Shafts are so different with different clubheads so it really depends on the combo. I have a Grafalloy shaft in my Titleist 913 that is awesome, low torque and stable. I hit that driver well. However, I bought a M1 because I thought I could get a few extra yards out of it. So, I put in the same Grafalloy shaft in it and hit it horribly. The weighting and position of weighting in a driver head affects how the shaft reacts tremendously.
  13. Totally different grips. Last full round I was playing with interlock and overlap to see what kind of results I would get. It is amazing how different of a golf swing is used in both grips. I played for many years with overlap but switched to interlock for about 5 years. Now I am trying to see what may be better.
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