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  1. Rob, Grovetown, GA Current putter: Ben Hogan Bettinardi Hawk One sentence: Bettinardi putters are solid pieces of sleek artwork that double as beautifully smooth, sweet feeling putters.
  2. Very nice, get out there and play!
  3. I think the manufacturer is bomber. Looking online it looks like these were modeled after the old taylormade tour bubble.
  4. Thanks Chisag! I used to play the TP blacks, but my swing was faster also. Might have to find a sleeve of the TP5xs. Ugh, instead of narrowing down options, I am adding.
  5. For those using the TP5s, what is your swing speed? Mine with driver is 95-98 mph, so I have been thinking that I will stick with the Zstar, or try either the B330rx, chrome soft, or qstar tour. Just seems like a lot of options, and a lot of money
  6. Those are some great looking sticks!
  7. Ha ha. Good Lord, not sure how swipe got that from what was supposed to be "small".
  8. I may have to try the chrome soft again. Bought a two pack at a tourney earlier in the year and liked them. I keep flip flopping on if I prefer a softer ball, or a firmer one. Right now I kinda feel the Z star is right in the middle.
  9. You reminded me that I need to fill out my volunteer stuff for first tee
  10. Yeah, last set he sent me wad 16 years will when I was stationed in Japan. Mizuno MP-14s. I think I was gaming Ping I-3s at the time. I didn't have the game for them (still don't), but I loved them. Ever since I have been a blade guy. Love the anal head, forged feel, thin top line, and little to no offset. My dad is a cast cavity guy, but like me, always tries new stuff
  11. I am messing around right now ball wise. Trying the B330S,RX, and the Z Star. Going to go out early next week and play a round or two. So far I think I like the Z Star over the B330S... but want to try the RX as well.
  12. So I just switched what was in my bag. My dad had the Titleist 916 AP1s, and 916 AP2s (he is retired, and therefore loves to buy equipment). So yesterday, unexpectedly, his 916 AP2s were at my door in the mail. The look like they haven't even been hit (though I know he played a few rounds with them). Because of that, I went ahead and traded in my Callaway Apex Pro's and Cobra F6 driver, and got a Titleist 917D2 10.5 with stiff shaft. This is my 3rd set of iron, and 3rd driver in the last 6 months. I have always been an equipment wh0re, but this is getting nuts. Remainder of my bag has
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