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  1. I have and use a Bushnell V4 with slope and found it very useful. Comparing the two would be a great exercise. Where I play there are hilly courses and picking up flagsticks is sometimes challenging. Look forward to being selected as a tester. Rick
  2. I play the majority of my golf in Bermuda where we get almost 60 inches of rain per year. I hate most pairs of rain pants because I find them so difficult to get on when you are sheltering under a bush whilst trying to get your gear on. The ones with lining are especially hard because of the golf shoes. I usually get wet before putting my gear on. However, good gear is needed as the rain can be pretty hard.
  3. Rick. Bartlett Just had the shaft on my M2 broken By accident. Testing a Ping may influence my future club purchases. Handicap is 11 Last irons were Ping i5's Driver SS low 90's
  4. Hi, Would love to test the O-Works red #7 Present putter is: Ping CRAZ-E with 35" shaft and Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 grip RickB Senior
  5. Rick Handicap 9 Smith's Bermuda Former Ping i3 and i5 user and now a Rocketblades user. Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. Welcome to the forums RickB Senior :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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