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  1. Bradley LaVallee Cornwall on Hudson, NY TaylorMade M4 15.2 105mph TSi2 - I have started looking for a driver replacement now, love this time of year with product launches, and I've never hit a Titleist driver. Would love to give this one a go.
  2. Brad Cornwall on Hudson, NY 15 Hdc Callaway Steelhead XR T-200 Taking lessons (finally, after starting to play in 1997!!) Instructor said my swing, with work, could be single digit. Looking at arming myself with better irons, the Titleist T-200 and Mizuno 919 are the sets that intrigue me the most. I love that Titleist is one of the few brands that releases a new iron every season. You obviously stand by your work and it shows!
  3. Brad - New York Handicap - I'd say my consistency is my handicap! But really, 18 Current irons in Play - Callaway Steelhead XR 7 Iron carry distance - 175 yards
  4. Brad / New York Handicap: 16 Cleveland - Tour Action 56 & 60 (in need of new wedges!!) Callaway Apex 16 pitch and approach Greenside bunker shots or high flop shots from the rough around greens (thankfully i'm in both quite a bit so I have lots of practice!)
  5. Brad NY Odyssey Toulon Atlanta (not Strokelab edition) Keeps in most holes! Could be better
  6. Brad - New York 15 handicap - 110mph Taylor Made M4 I would like to review the Epic Flash
  7. Brad - NY 15 / 106 mph Taylor Made M4 Ping G410 Plus
  8. Bradley L New York, USA Callaway Steelhead XR, True Temper X95 - R flex Carry 170 - 175yds Never hit Pings, love the look of these!! Would love to give them a try!!
  9. Brad L, Cornwall on Hudson, NY Current Driver: TaylorMade M4 (I think i may have fallen for marketing hype.....) Swing speed: 113mph (controlled chaos!) Current Handicap: 25 - it's my tee game that lets me down, thinking of lessons this year. Ping G400 SFT would help my 'power fade'
  10. 1. Brad - Cornwall on Hudson, NY 2. Callaway Steelhead XR 5 - GW, Callaway Hybrid (3/4), Odyssey 2-ball putter, Cleveland 56 & 60 wedges, TaylorMade V-Steel (love these!!) 3 & 5 woods, TaylorMade M4 driver 3. 25 4. Eliminate 3 putts from each round, stay consistently in the low 80's
  11. Brad LaVallee Cornwall on Hudson, NY Current Handicap - 20 Cleveland Launcher driver (10.5 - right hand) Fairway - 15 degree stiff - right hand Hybrid - (3 & 4) CBX irons 5-PW CBX Wedges - 56 & 60 Tfi 2135 satin RHO
  12. Brad LaVallee 48 Cornwall on Hudson, NY Consistency off the tee, either I can crush it down the middle or snap hook it deep left. The occasional sky-ball off the tee too. Throws my whole game off. I do hit my irons fat from time to time too, but it is definitely my tee game which can make or break my round....
  13. Brad - New York Odyssey 2 Ball White Hot Blade - 35" - Golf Pride Tour Snsr Straight grip Odyssey O Works Red #7
  14. Brad, Cornwall on Hudson, NY TaylorMade R7 (NEED new Driver!!) Standard Stiff shaft 106-111 Swing Speed - 270-275 carry - low flight with lots of roll Twitter/Instagram: @NYMapleleaf Facebook: Bradley LaVallee IPhone 7
  15. Cornwall on Hudson, NY Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball Blade weight control, either I hit too hard or come up short, line isn't an issue.
  16. Brad LaVallee New York 25 Handicap Driver: TaylorMade 360 - This is how much I need a new driver! Shaft: Alidla Rogue NV - 65.5 Stiff SS: 103 mph Carry: 248 yards Favourite Callaway Staffer: Adam Hadwin (fellow Canuck!)
  17. Brad Cornwall on Hudson, NY Current Handicap: other than that I play, 23 Current Set of Irons: Callaway Steelhead XR Willing to Try: Either of the two sets. Would really like to hit these, great looking sticks!
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