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  1. for my 25th anniversary, my wife and I took our children with their significant others for a trip like this. We rented a 15 passenger van for just 8 of us, and did Niagara Falls, with a stop over to see my parents on our way to Thousand Islands, and then down to Watkins Glen and eventually wine tasting in the finger Lakes before returning back to Columbus. Everyone still talks about it, as if it was just yesterday.
  2. sarcasm and negativity sell. look at SNL, or any late night talk show. They are all banned form my TV.
  3. Having only a hand held GPS, this would be interesting. Good luck to those who apply. wonder how this compares in cost to the other platforms?
  4. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  5. I feel your pain, although my dad had no use for golf. I played 2 times the first week of June, and then NOTHING, but my arm is not healing. I have an appointment scheduled with the doctor in October to determine next steps.
  6. My Daughter had a shirt made for her newborn. It says Australian made with 50% American parts.
  7. Well Thank You for the well wishes on my Birthday. Hope @rbgntx had a great day as well. Just cleaning up from my vacation this week. Of course everyone waits till you return. I guess it is job security.
  8. This sounds like it will be a great time. I personally haven't played since the week after Memorial Day. I have been resting and trying to rehab the torn muscle in my left fore arm. Very slow going, as I still have pain rotating my arm at the elbow. I'll be on the beach while you are playing soaking up sunshine. Hope to be back in the fall. We will see. Have a BLAST!
  9. Very well explained. Thank you both for your input.
  10. Grandpa twice in the last 8 weeks. Wyatt, born here in USA, and Aleksi, born in Queensland, Australia. If you couldn't tell from the state of origin attire.
  11. Went to the tournament today with my wife. Finally talked into going with me, and it was cloudy and misty. we had fun watching Finau, but Kutcher just fell apart in front of us. Not very pretty. He eventually WD during the lightning delay. While we were all standing under the shelter of the clubhouse gift shop, I Saw B. Todd, just standing there talking to people like he was a spectator. Eventually my wife had enough and we left. Always nice to roam around that place.
  12. Was able to get out yesterday and play in a Scramble. The "ringers" for our group didn't show, so my one son a 14HCP and me a 16HCP played 2 shots every hole. We managed to shoot an 3v3n par 72. Haven't been out playing in over a month, as I torn something in my forearm, and couldn't even use my arm to pick up items, let alone swing a club. Used the 3I a number of times. That is one fine club. Even with my limited strength I was still getting 180 yards out of it. Had to show off the nice Gap Wedge shot into 18.
  13. Thanks you, this is very well laid out. As someone who has done reviews, I will also join in with the assertion, "That they are work". The latest for me has been challenging, more so due to personal life issues, than actual product. I also recognize the importance for timely reviews, and since I have only finished and posted half the review, I have decided, I would not put my name in the ring this year for any other review. I enjoy being part of this group, both reading posts, and participating. One other note to that I do not remember reading. If you are selected, plan on spending some $$ on the review. I was going to change out the shaft and grip on the 3I at some point, but the club pushed me along faster. In the end, you want to make it yours, not some generic repost from the website.
  14. When I picked up the club, I ask if he had any thoughts on where it broke and why. He felt there was a flat spot that caused weakness. So there was some sort of damage done under the grip, just not sure where or how.
  15. My thoughts, prayers, and support coming your way. I know the feeling of loosing your dad. Just happened last December for me.
  16. Picked up the club after work yesterday. Here is the new look. Can't wait to get back out and try it. If only the rain and cold would stop.
  17. so is there other weights, or options to this putter? It looks as though the black portion could be removeable.
  18. I think my mom washed my baby brothers diapers in that stream about 50 years ago. Great time and wonderful looking family.
  19. Don't know how or where. I've hit several hundred balls into the net this winter, and spring. Club just rested in my bag otherwise . Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  20. So to the MGS community, I would like to apologize for the unfinished review and the amount of time past the initial club selection. Today I was finally able to get out on the course and try the club out. It was misty rain and high 40's so I knew the club distance would be 10-15 yds shorter than ideal weather conditions. The first hit was pure and according to my Garmin 191 yds. So that gave me encouragement that all the shutting into the net in my garage was going to pay off. Then, the incredible happened. Starting out of my back swing I heard a crack and the club folded in my hands. Has anyone ever had this happen? Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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