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  1. Darryl Czuy/Saskatchewan Canada I have 3 sets of Rain Gear, Sun Ice (2) Foot Joy (1) Worst Rain. Rain is Rain, its the Cold Spring and Fall Rains that make it a challenge Tournaments dont usually stop for rain in our Area
  2. Darryl Czuy Saskatchewan CanadA +0.8 Callaway Alex forged/ recoil f5-110 Your PING choice - i500
  3. - Darryl - Saskatchewan, Canada - Caraway apex pro, recoil shafts - Your 7-iron distance 164
  4. Really interested in this new and exciting concept and the benefits to one's golf game. I currently have my own personal trackman 4.0 Indoor/outdoor launch monitor that I use on daily basis to test swing theories, techniques, as well as new technology in clubs and how to Maximize the equipment to work for me. I love the indoor aspect as I can use my own ball, different balls and work in a enclosed consistent environment to ensure my research is not compromised by weather or inconsistent balls found on driving ranges. I do take it outdoors and verify my indoor findings against actual outdoor use in the conditions one would find them selves playing in. I'm a Golf nerd who loves to look at things considered to be outside the box as I believe the traditional methods do not always fit everyones style. Darryl Czuy Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-Canada Golf Canada Handicap Factor 1.8 Current Irons: Callawy Apex Pro forged & Taylormade M1 Variable Length. Thanks for the opportunity to be a product tester I look forward to testing with you all soon!
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