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  1. I can only speak of what I know from personal observations. I have belonged to a Golf Club for close to twenty years and managed a league about the same length of time. The primary complaint I hear every year is slow play. It's the topic that comes up again and again. The course we play is relatively short however, very unforgiving; tight fairways, long rough, and pretend sand traps (dead pan). The course lay out is the predominate reason for slow play. However, there are also other factors, my wife and I routinely walk the course is less than four hours during non-peak times. We are both hig
  2. The golfer who enjoys the social aspects of golf more than the competitive side; find competition best when it's among friends. Focusing on the enjoyment of the game and not winning at the game keeps me sane. Some days I shoot in the 80s and some days I shoot in the 100s. Two clubs make all the difference for me the driver and putter. A man determined to find a driver I can consistently put in play. 



  3. Electronic training aids such as Garmin TruSwing and what do the numbers really mean and what are the ideal number ranges?

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