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  1. Kiel San Diego CA Ghin Index - 1.9 Ping i500 7 iron Carry distance 193 yards.
  2. Kiel San Diego, California, USA 0.6 Index Miura LH Blades Tour Issue X100 PING i210 LH
  3. - Kiel - California, USA - Miura LH Blade/Tour Issue X100 - 187.3 yards on TrackMan (20 ball average)
  4. Kiel/California Titleist 917 D3 9.5*/Aldila RIP Phenom X-Stiff 1" tip stiff. 120mph/0.9 Index 9.5*/Tensei White X-Stiff 1" tip stiff.
  5. - Kiel from Florida, currently living in San Diego California. - M1 with Kuro Kage X-stiff shafts in both 19/21 degree lofts. - 19 degree is set to 18 degrees and 21 degree is set to 22. - STRENGTHS: Hybrids go much higher than long irons allowing for a little more stopping power on long approaches to firm greens. - WEAKNESSES: Occasionally flip the club head into the ball at impact causing a snap hook (very rarely).
  6. Kiel Massong, United States Navy Active Duty stationed in Coronado California Handicap: +0.2 2016 Taylormade M1 W/Diamana 'ahina X-flex tipped one inch. Swing Speed: 119 MPH. Carry Distance Average: 296 yards. Phil The Thrill! Fellow lefty!
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