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  1. Thanks sir! That’s an excellent idea I’d never have thought of. Much cheaper way to continue testing.
  2. This is what I have been keeping an eye on. My Epic Flash has been dialed from 10.5 to 9.5 since long before this experiment. Anyone have good recommendations on where to find used heads? Guy on FB Marketplace was trying to overcharge for an old PXG because he had an "upcharge" shaft in it.
  3. So I got my PLB 45 in last week and although I could swear I ordered the A flex, a R flex arrived. I double checked on ebay and what do you know, I had somehow selected the R. I did some work last week to get the swing weight down to the D0-D1 which took a bit of trial and error. Ultimately, I had to remove the slider weight on my Callaway Epic Flash in order to keep the overall weight in a desirable range. (I am about as green as can be when it comes to club building other than changing grips.) I have now ordered some butt end weights to play around with in the future. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a cold snap in Nashville and with other plans in the way I was not able to get to the driving range last week prior to my Saturday tee time. I did set up my net in the back yard and take a few swings with the driver, but that is not the same and even with my swing caddy showing ball speed and carry distance, I don't trust the driver practice unless I can see it fly. My round Saturday being set, I took my gamer shaft as well as the new OP shaft to the range to see if I could justify gaming the new one with little to basically no prior practice session. High Saturday was 39, it was around 34 when I teed off and never really got over 37 the entire round. Weather insight included to basically say this round and first update are an outlier and I will need further testing. I took the swing caddie to the range as well to try to get an idea on distance. It was so cold and I was so bundled up that I was basically hovering in the 107-109 swing speed range. I seriously doubt if I much eclipsed these numbers during the round. I generally liked the ball flight and distance I was seeing on the range enough to just go for it and see what happened during the actual round. Was paired up with 1 other crazy yahoo willing to brave the cold and piped the first drive center cut what I would estimate around a 265 carry. It being so cold, I can't say I would have expected any distance difference with my gamer shaft setup. I felt like overall I did see what some of the other posters noticed with a tighter dispersion throughout the round. I will absolutely need to get some range time in to dial in the tempo feeling and do some numbers comparisons. One note is I do not like the sound of the head with the slider weight removed. I ordered some grip in weight inserts today and hope to maintain the correct swing weight while adding the weight back in the driver head. I do realize this will bring up my overall weight but if I can get back to the sound I am used to, I think the added intrinsic value will be worth it to me. Only testing will tell though! Enjoy this thread, I was telling the guy I was paired with about it and enjoyed watching as the glassiness started taking over his eyes. Not for the faint of heart? More to come. Thanks!
  4. I have had success with custom stamps from Etsy.
  5. Ok, phew! Took me several days of sporadic reading, but I have finally caught up on the thread. I currently play a Mitsubishi C6 blue in 70g X flex and placed my order today for a Grafalloy PLB 45A. My swing speed is very similar to Stu's from the initial post and this has been super intriguing. It really resonated with me because in a recent trip to top golf with my wife and a friend couple of ours I had an experience that seemed to come full circle reading through this thread. With my driver I was sitting in the 156-160 ball speed on the top golf monitors for most of the day. I play a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero in 10.5 turned down to 9.5. On a whim I grabbed the women's driver which was a Callaway Rouge ST Max Women's (no idea what shaft was in it). After a few swings I smoked one that registered 169 ball speed. I thought nothing of this really and figured it must have been some sort of malfunction although the flight while a bit of a pull was the straightest ball I hit the entire session and hit the middle of the net still rising. While reading through this thread, that day continues to come to mind and now I am in it to find out how to replicate those ball speed #s. I should have my shaft in sometime this weekend and will update with some testing numbers. Side question for you do it yourself club builders. Anywhere you recommend going to find reasonably priced club building supplies. I have been gripping my clubs for several years, and have recently used the do it yourself swing weight using the suggestions in the post. Current driver set up came in at just over D6 btw. I would like to figure out how to remove applicator tips to reuse without ruining old shafts and would also like to get a bit more into home setup building. Recommendations for necessary home club building tools or supplies? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to venturing down the rabbit hole with you!
  6. Tier 5 Scott Piercy Winning Score -7
  7. Carter Holmes Nashville, Tennessee 9.5 Taylormade R15 Fujikura Pro 70 S 100-105 250 carry Lefty Phil Michelson Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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