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  1. Driver woods and hybrid: Because they are red. They are Cobra Bio Cell and I love red. I don't actually believe they go further or are any straighter than my former starter set from 2000 I Play Adams XTD irons, and they are fine, but I have compared them to a set of old NorthWesterns and i hit them exactly the same. My Putter is an Odyssey metal X #2, I like the way it looks like a classic putter. I believe putting is completely comfort level, so I doubt i would ever change putters again unless i develop some kind of crazy bad stroke or something, it took me forever to replace my 5 b
  2. 1. Ohio 2. Odyssey Metal x #2 35 inches 3. Short putts under 4 feet
  3. I would say it's just more playing golf. I went from less than 2 years ago never breaking 100 to a 4.1 handicap. The only difference is I played A LOT more. I did not increase distance or anything crazy, I just do not duff shots and have better feel on pitch shots and putts. I think most golfers except true beginners have hit a great drive, a great approach, a great chip and a great putt at least once, I feel that playing more makes those types of shots happen way more often. I have tested new equipment and my very old equipment from my starter set along with my current 3 year old dr
  4. 1. Eric- Ohio 2. 6.7 3. Cobra Bio Cell Graffaloy's Project X PXv-Regular Flex 4. 85MPH 200 yards 5. Henrik Stenson
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