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  1. Driver woods and hybrid: Because they are red. They are Cobra Bio Cell and I love red. I don't actually believe they go further or are any straighter than my former starter set from 2000 I Play Adams XTD irons, and they are fine, but I have compared them to a set of old NorthWesterns and i hit them exactly the same. My Putter is an Odyssey metal X #2, I like the way it looks like a classic putter. I believe putting is completely comfort level, so I doubt i would ever change putters again unless i develop some kind of crazy bad stroke or something, it took me forever to replace my 5 buck kmart putter from 1999 because there was nothing wrong with it either.
  2. 1. Ohio 2. Odyssey Metal x #2 35 inches 3. Short putts under 4 feet
  3. I would say it's just more playing golf. I went from less than 2 years ago never breaking 100 to a 4.1 handicap. The only difference is I played A LOT more. I did not increase distance or anything crazy, I just do not duff shots and have better feel on pitch shots and putts. I think most golfers except true beginners have hit a great drive, a great approach, a great chip and a great putt at least once, I feel that playing more makes those types of shots happen way more often. I have tested new equipment and my very old equipment from my starter set along with my current 3 year old driver, and i still top out at 220 in distance, and lessons or range work have never done anything for me. I have seen some very ugly swings have great results so I think trying to fit in a mold is not ideal, if you just go out and play golf A LOT you will improve and your score will lower exponentially. I think a lot of people want to fight their swing and are obsessed with distance gains. I could not tell you how many times in my leagues i see a guy boom it 50 yards past me, then i watch bemused as he pitches it 3 times back and forth across the green. Getting better scores and playing good golf is from making shots, and lessons nor range work or even a driver that goes 50 yards further will never help you with that, only playing golf out on the course where you need to execute and make shots happen and put in the time that you have done almost every shot on a real course, not in a no pressure practice setting.
  4. 1. Eric- Ohio 2. 6.7 3. Cobra Bio Cell Graffaloy's Project X PXv-Regular Flex 4. 85MPH 200 yards 5. Henrik Stenson
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