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  1. 1. Jay - Massachusetts 2. 8.0 index / 105 SS 3. PING G400 10.5 / Atmos Tour Spec 6x 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5 Bonus have a full indoor foresight set up for numbers ;)
  2. Jay Almeida New Bedford Country Club - New Bedford, MA I manually track on scorecards. I hate using my phone on course but would wear a watch.
  3. Havent really been a swing aid guy for very long, but I have always had bad tempo. Structurally sound but I get quick and it all goes wrong from there. Been using the orange whip for about a year and that helped smooth out transition (and helps me get loose) but I felt I still could rush that along as well. I recently tried out swing click and for some reason that audible sound truly makes me pause and wait. The combo of using swing click for awhile and then orange whip and then range without any of them has been amazing. Recommend both products for sure.
  4. After about 10 years of not a ton of play (damn kids and baseball season), am finally getting rounds back in and tryin o get back to where I was in younger days. 3 or 4 not 10-12 As of 2017 release what drivers do you guys recommend? I have FlyZ from a few years ago but here so much about Epic and TM.
  5. Great article, and I cant say enough about the putters. Tried them all and am using the ER8, best I have rolled it in years. Great feel, great weight, and got fitted with it to get the best roll possible.
  6. In love with this ER8. Mallet weight helping me get the stroke back. Lost it for a few years and feel the Newport 2 with a larger grip I was using had made the putter too light and hard to feel. ER8 is the best I have rolled it in a long time. Nice to have the confidence back. Like it enough, it even comes to the office right now. #shortrug #putting
  7. Jason, Massachusetts 9 Handicap Cobra Fly-Z, Cobra Matrix XS 100 swing speed, 250 carry Phil Mickleson
  8. Welcome to the forums jalmeida :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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