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  1. I just had a round of golf in what was claimed, even for Ireland, a substantial downpour not seen very often. I wore my Galway Bay pants for the very fist time. I went through two major brand name rain jackets and was soaked on my upper body. My Galway Bay pants kept my lower body completely dry. I couldn't believe the difference and how well they worked. I have since bought a Galway Bay rain jacket after arriving back in the States. 

    I hope the testers get to play (sorry) in the same weather conditions I had in Ireland for a proper review.

    I am sold on my new Galway Bay purchases. They really are water proof and very comfortable.

  2. On 7/31/2021 at 11:44 PM, Golfin83 said:

    Titleist achieved perfection in 1993 and have yet to reproduce it.  I have 4 sets of "modern day" irons sitting in my closet and gathering dust.  The CB series came close and WHEN I fail to find anymore 962's on ebay they may get their day in the sun.  I get made fun of regularly for my "antiques" until we settle out at the 19th hole.  I'm not sure why this "testers wanted" post got me so hard to sign up and make a post but here I am.  I doubt to get a tester pick so I'll leave my plea here...Not everyone chases distance, with what we can do with drivers now irons do not need to be delofted for distance (and yes the 2 degrees you can change in a fitting doesn't cover it).  Kind of ironic that I am Titleist biggest fan and hardest critic...I might be a small percentage but a little nod to distance control with your upper tier blades would be appreciated.  I know it sounds counter intuitive but I'd like to think their are more people like me who would give up yardage on irons to be able to cover numbers.  I don't care about the look/feel of the latest generation, with enough swings we can get used to anything....I'm just begging for loft control.  Being able to dial in a set of irons to what numbers you need is essential.  I started this post with intentions of making a case for a trial selection, I know longer would want one.  I'm sure the "newest line" is beautiful and eye pleasing...but is it functional? While it's impressive to hit a PW 160 yards it helps nothing.   I hope next years release has an option for loft control.  #DistanceIsn'tEverything 

    I agree with most of this... There are still a few of us out here. ( Hey buddy )

    I was and am still a big fan of the 962's but would disagree that they haven't been improved upon.

    Starting with the 710's, I would say that all of the following CB generations have been a great addition. In addition to the 990's and 690's.

    My number one priority with my irons is distance control and workability. To be able to play the same clubs the same distances I have become accustomed to the last forty years of playing.

    All my sets which are MB/CB combo's, have given me that. 

    Having had a medical issue ( a year ago today), I am in need of an equipment adjustment. My hope is that the new "regular" lofted T100's will give me back that little distance which I have lost this past year. Not for the purpose of hitting it farther, but to get me back to the distances my "traditional" lofts have given me trough all my playing days.

    The smaller profile and thin topline of the new T100 seem to be in line to what I am used to looking down at and that has me intrigued.

    Here's to those of us still hitting our numbers without the jacked lofts..


  3. On 5/15/2021 at 11:05 PM, Kenms said:

    Anyone know where I can get a weight kit or individual weights ( 2 to 5 grams) for a titleist 910d3 driver?


    I believe I have a brand new one at home... I can check for you later. Contact me here if you're interested.

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