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    Titleist T100s

    I agree with most of this... There are still a few of us out here. ( Hey buddy ) I was and am still a big fan of the 962's but would disagree that they haven't been improved upon. Starting with the 710's, I would say that all of the following CB generations have been a great addition. In addition to the 990's and 690's. My number one priority with my irons is distance control and workability. To be able to play the same clubs the same distances I have become accustomed to the last forty years of playing. All my sets which are MB/CB combo's, have given me that. Having had a medical issue ( a year ago today), I am in need of an equipment adjustment. My hope is that the new "regular" lofted T100's will give me back that little distance which I have lost this past year. Not for the purpose of hitting it farther, but to get me back to the distances my "traditional" lofts have given me trough all my playing days. The smaller profile and thin topline of the new T100 seem to be in line to what I am used to looking down at and that has me intrigued. Here's to those of us still hitting our numbers without the jacked lofts..
  2. I believe I have a brand new one at home... I can check for you later. Contact me here if you're interested.
  3. Ronan Framingham, Massachusetts I walk 100% of every round with the exception of when carts are mandatory... Bag Boy TriSwivel II
  4. Ronan... Framingham, Massachusetts Indoor Putting Strip... Single hole with alignment aids. Constant use throughout winter. Same putt all the time. It's better than nothing. Medium putting speed would suit me best in regards to the type of greens I generally play. Thank you.
  5. Ronan Framingham, Ma. 3.6 Hdcp Titleist MB/CB combo T100S Long time multi product Titleist player at fifty years of age looking to maintain or possibly increase my current yardages with my aging swing while maintaining the look of blade irons with which I have played for nearly forty years. Thank you for the opportunity.
  6. Ronan - Massachusetts 4 Hdcp - 100 mph SS Callaway EPIC- Fuji XLR8 Stiff EPIC FLASH Thank you
  7. Ronan - Framingham, Massachusetts Current Hdcp - 6 Current Irons - Titleist 716 MB, Nippon NS Pro Modus Tour 120 Stiff; Standard lie 1/4" under, GP Tour Velvet grip. Best suited test irons - Mizuno JPX 900 Tour I've promoted these irons to friends in the market as possibly the best available iron for them... I would love to test and own a set for myself. Any consideration is greatly appreciated.
  8. Ronan, Massachusetts 5.3 Titleist 915 D4 Fujikura Pro XLR8 S 61 98mph 240yds. Kool Kevin Kisner
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