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  1. First Name nick City, State Scottsdale , Az Current Driver in Play 8.5 ts3 Handicap 8 Swing Speed 105 tsi3 8.5
  2. Nick Gerstner Arizona Titleist 915 D3 8.5 72x ahina Yes Left Handed. The funny thing is I did this exact process almost a week ago. Global Golf's Left Handed offerings are slim to none. Makes me sad.
  3. 1. Nick Gerstner Scottsdale AZ 2. 10, 107 MPH 3. Titleist 915 D3 Ahina 72x 4. G400 LST PLEASE PICK ME!! Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. 1. Nick, Scottsdale, Arizona 2. Left Handed Titleist 915 8.5° D3 Ahina 72 X flex Titleist 910 13.5° 3 wood Ahina 82S flex Titleist 910 19° Hybrid 92S Flex Mizuno MP 53 4-PW KBS tour stiff Titleist Vokey Wedges 50°, 54°, 58° Wedge Flex Taylormade Tour Spider Putter 3. Current Index is 11.4 4. My goal is to get from 11.4 to scratch this year. I was once a 3 handicap when I practiced 3 days a week. I have dedicated myself to the game again this year. I am currently taking lessons and have access to a simulator at work to hit balls and check my numbers. I am currently hitting balls every morning and working out in the afternoon. The real goal would be to get good enough this season to qualify for the state open. Thanks for the possible opportunity! I have never hit a Cobra club before and interested to see if the clubs could help me improve my game.
  5. 1. Nick - Scottsdale, AZ 2. 10 3. Titleist 915 D3 7.5 Degree with 72 ahina x flex 4. 99MPH 240 carry 5. Wie !!! then probably Hank Haney, Tom Watson, PM
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