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  1. Ted, Bella Vista, AR Stock printed alignment aid. Prefer "RED LINE with na na na" Snell MTB-X
  2. 1.) Ted, California 2.) 6.5 3.) Nakishima H-Tec Accra 75 MS 4.) 104-107 S.S. ~260 carry 5.) Henrik Stenson
  3. Hello Everyone, I am new here, and I wanted to ask all of you a question. I recently did an iron fitting to see if the shafts I have been gaming were right for me. I went to a "Golf Digest Top 100 Fitters" which was local. I must have hit 200 balls with maybe 10 different shafts. The fitter used a Foresight launch monitor and data was displayed on the monitor, but nothing was printed for me to compare. In hindsight not good... When I did the fitting the numbers seemed to be pretty close and it came down to feel. My gamers I was wanting to improve are Wilson Staff FG 100's with DG S300 shafts. My thought was maybe I could not swing them anymore and I was losing distance. After all the different shafts I tried the fitter said the Nippon's were the ones. Yeah! I had to wait a week for the clubs to be done. During this time our weather here was rain and more rain for months ( California ) needless to say I had to wait to get outside to see the true flight. What I found was the Nippon's felt great but I was losing at least 10 to 15 yards in distance. The ball seemed to have a good trajectory but would just fall out of the sky. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them? Thanks, Fairways and Greens Blades Forever
  4. 1. Ted, California 2. 6.5 3. Nakishima H-Tech Acca 75 MS 4. 100-105 S.S. ~260 carry 5. Henrik Stenson
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