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  2. 1. Jarrod DeLoach 2. Colorado 3. 0.4 4. 18 Birdies/Spreadsheet for deeper analysis
  3. - Jarrod from Denver, CO - Titleist 913H 19 degree with Aldila RIP Phenom 80 - No - I have taken this club in and out of my bag over the last few years. I tend to leave it a bit right which when you're intending to draw the ball, right puts you in trouble. I hit it pretty solid other than that.
  4. Denver, CO PING Cadence TR Ketsch Consistently hitting the putt on the high side of the hole... too many misses on the low side.
  5. I did when I first moved to Denver a few years ago but once you get acclimated to the air, it becomes a non-issue.
  6. I too walk and I really enjoy it. I moved from Atlanta to Denver a few years ago and I always rode in Atlanta due to it being very hilly most places I played. Denver on the other hand it relatively flat around town so walking is much easier. I also love it because it saves me money and I get to count it as my exercise for the day... so I got that going for me, which is nice.
  7. I may be a black sheep here, but I am 27 and I recently switched to graphite shafts in my irons. I got fitted for them and ended up going to Veylix Alpina 65g shafts. The nice thing about getting fitted is that the data doesn't lie. I picked up 3 mph club head speed which really increased my distance. The funny thing was that I actually hit these shafts straighter than any others I tested, so it was hard to deny that they were the shafts for me. In tournaments recently I have received some odd looks about playing graphite shafts but the scores have been great thus far. Overall I think you just need to get fitted in order to see what may work best for your swing.
  8. Jarrod in Colorado +.02 Tour Edge Exotics E8 Beta Aldila Rouge Black 60S 111-114mph / 280 carry Wesley Bryan - mad respect for what this guy has done lately.
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