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  1. Graham Riley South Africa Handicap: 12 Current irons: Echelon - Centre Score with steel shafts (Bottom perimeter weighted blades) 7 Iron carry distance: 120 - 130 Photo of my 7 iron (Short blade length) - I like a compact club but would like the added sole width as on the G410's and at 69 would like better shafts (hopefully with a mid kick) to help with some added height and distance - I think I need to retire my 18 year old clubs and wall hang them in respect...... !!!
  2. Tier 1 - Jordan Spieth Tier 2 - Bryson DeChambeau Tier 3 - Louis Oosthuizen Tier 4 - Jim Furyk Tier 5 - Justin Harding Tie breaker: -16
  3. Tier 5: Justin Harding Tie breaker: 12
  4. Big Shot Tuned Golf would be my choice as I need the 'shades' to beat off the glare and those high sides would help do the trick. Even though it would great to have prescription +3's the standard ones will work just fine. For everyone taking part......... break a leg and enjoy if you win!!! To Under Armour and MGS thanks for the chance, good one guys. Photo of me and the leader of one of the opposition parties in South Africa, Bantu Holomisa on the first tee at the 'Celebrity & Living Legends Golf Tour' event at San Lameer, South coast, Kwazulu Natal, SA
  5. Graham Western Cape, South Africa 12 - (Using either the i210's or i500's would be a whole lot better) Echelon - Centre Score (power rib) standard metal shafts - since 2001 Preference: i210's but also need the distance so i500's will work Thanks for the brilliant opportunity guys - PING and MGS Break a leg to all participating!!!
  6. Graham Riley Tier 1/ Jordan Spieth Tier 2/ Tony Finau Tier 3/ Kevin Kisner Tier 4/ Charl Swartzel Tier 5/ DylanFrittelli Tie breaker: - 15 Break a leg all, these will work well in any of our bags!!!
  7. Tier 1 - Justin Thomas Tier 2 - Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3 - Charl Swartzel Tier 4 - Haotong Li Tier 5 - Ernie Els Tie breaker: -15 Break a leg everyone - those Wilson's will look good in any of our bags!!! The blades for me!!!
  8. Name: Graham Province / Country: Western Cape, South Africa Current irons: Echelon - Centre Score with steel shaft 7 Iron distance: Average 155 Now (last 2 months) playing a PING Rupture 460* with Aldila VS Proto 65-R 350 shaft (and hitting it well) - would be great to pair that up with those G700 irons with a stiff shaft (closer to my steel shafts) with a mid to bottom kick - just being a pedantic 'young' 68 year old!!! Break a leg everyone and keep hoping!!!
  9. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Brandon Grace Tier 3: Rafa Cabrera Bello Tier 4: Si Woo Kim Tier 5: Ernie Els Tie Breaker Winning Score: -13 Good luck to everyone playing....... those clubs would be cool in your bag!!!
  10. 1/ Graham - Western Cape, South Africa 2/ (Just bought second hand) PING Rapture 460 (10.5 degree) - Alidila VS Proto (65-R-350) Previously Callaway Big Bertha with Fujikura Speeder Evolution 11TS - 655 Graphite 3/ 95 - 100 and carry of +- 240/250 4/ HC 12 I like bombability crossed with accuracy - don't particularly like movable weights (You tend to mess around with them too much and don't settle into any kind of rhythm). If it looks good, bonus...... if it works like I want it to, bigger bonus and funny thing, sound seems to be fine when you are knocking it out 250 + and/or finding fairways. Break a leg to all participants - may the fairway finding force be with you...... hopefully one of us guys from outside the US get to play...... !!! :-))
  11. Graham - Western Province - South Africa HC 12 - Swing speed: 95 Callaway Big Bertha 12 degree Either the G400 Max or the G400 LST Good luck to all participants!!!
  12. Tier 1/ Bubba Watson Tier 2/ Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3/ Kevin Kisner Tier 4/ Haotong Li Tier 5/ Brandon Grace Winning score: -20 AM +9
  13. 1/ Graham - Western Cape, South Africa 2/ Callaway Big Bertha - RAM FX 3 - 4 iron to PW - Echelon Centre Score (steel shafts) - Tour Classic SW & Lob Wedge - Power Bilt SBP 3 putter 3/ 12 HC 4/ To understand my game and to improve my handicap plus play more golf (+ more competitions) *** Good Luck to all entrants!!! One we would all want to win..... :-)) Plus share this through Clubface-Golf, social media 'just for golf' and then share through our quick share feature to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and to LinkedIn
  14. Graham - Western Cape 12 (and getting better) Echelon centre score - 'Power Rib' (old but good set) Forged or Tour (whichever has the thinnest topline - love a lower perimeter weight blade) Good luck to all.......... worth winning, worth testing and worth keeping!!!
  15. The one to have in your bag........... plain and simple!!! No 1 in the world so who would'nt want one huh??? I'm in.........
  16. Graham Western Cape 12 - Ave out at 83 (lacking distance) No Echelon 'Power Rib' Centre Score - 4 to PW These D300 irons sound like they could supply that extra distance to go below 80 - would really like to find out.
  17. Age: 'Young' 67 Ball speed: ??? (Driver swing speed 95 to 105) Current ball: Vice pro Soft (Was sent 2 dozen from the UK) before that Noodle.
  18. * Cape Town, South Africa * Power Bilt SBP 3 * Aligning the putter face with my 'read' of the green and playing down the line. Basically getting the putter face aligned at 90 degrees to the directional line on the ball. This looks like a well put together putter - hopefully testing it on different slopes and grass will confirm that. The fact that is a centered shaft works for me as the Power Bilt I use is also a centered shaft and looks heavy, as is mine. Thanks for the opportunity!!!
  19. * Graham * 12 * CallawayBB with fujikura speeder Evolution 11TS - 655 graphite (stiff) (Stolen 2 months back) * 95 to 105 - 260 * Patrick Reed
  20. * Graham * 12 * Callaway BB - Fujikura Speeder Evolution 11TS - 655 graphite stiff (STOLEN) * 95 - 105 / Ave 260 * Patrick Reed
  21. * Graham * 12 * Callaway BB - Fujikura Speeder evolution 11TS - 655 graphite - stiff (Stolen +- 2 months back) * 95 - 105 / Average 260 * Patrick Reed
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