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  1. John Ventura, CA Taylormade SIM 5.7 105 mph TSi3
  2. John - Ventura, CA 5.7 Cleveland RTX-4 Raw Mid, 50/54/58 What appeals to me most is the look, have always been partial to patina. Also a little bit of extra grab in early morning conditions doesn't hurt.
  3. John, Ventura, CA Try to go to the practice green by my house after work as often as possible. Recently bought a puttout mat and cup Currently own a Puttout mat and cup, been using for the last four months. 10-11 Stimp speed
  4. John, Ventura, California 99-100 swing speed Z Star 2019, or Q Star Tour 2019 in colder weather Never tried a Snell, but I've been a fan of some TM balls in the past that I know were designed by Mr. Snell, looking forward to trying these whether or not I get chosen.
  5. What an awesome opportunity. I've actually used the U-Try program a couple times to try to find my next rescue club. Your first name: John Your home state: California Your current driver/shaft: Cobra F8+ 9.5, Fujikura Pro XLR8 61 Stiff Fit for driver - No
  6. Your first name: John Home state: California Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Cobra F8+, Fujikura Pro xlr8 61S, 66 grams Current swing speed: avg. 102 mph, peak around 105 Awesome opportunity, this product has intrigued me for quite some time. Good luck everyone!
  7. Awesome opportunity, thanks again! First name and home state/province: John from California Age and handicap: 31, 7.8 as of 8/1/18 Your current iron set/makeup: Mizuno MP-18 MMC 5-PW, Project X 6.0
  8. 1. First name: JOHN 2. Home state/province and country: VENTURA, CA, USA 3. Current handicap: 8.8 AS OF 6/15/18 4. Current shot/stat tracking method - SHOT SCOPE V2
  9. First name/home state or province: John, California Current driver/shaft combo: Fly-Z+ 10.5*, Kuro Kage silver TINI 60s Swing speed/handicap: avg ss 102, GHIN 8.2 as of 6/1 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft: 9.5, Kuro Kage DC Silver TINI, Stiff flex Awesome opportunity, good luck everyone!
  10. Awesome opportunity, have been wanting to try something Hogan since they reopened! Good luck everyone First name/Home state or province: John, California Current wedges: Sm6 50* and 54*, Nike Engage Toe Sweep 58* Short game strengths/weaknesses: Strengths - bunker play, chipping. Weaknesses - 30-40 yard pitches, controlling trajectory Current handicap: 8.0 as of 4/15/18
  11. Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Your first name/home state or province: John, California Your current iron set/shaft combo: TM P790, KBS FLT 120 Your current handicap: 8.0 as of 4/15 Your review preference - C300 or C300 Forged: C300 Forged please, good luck everyone!
  12. 1. John, Ventura, CA, USA ​2. Handicap: 6.8 as of 4/1 Swing Speed: 102 avg. 3. Cobra Fly-Z+ 10.5, Kuro Kage DC TiNi 60 TS, playing at 44.75" 4. G400 LST 10* Thanks for this awesome opportunity, good luck everyone!
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