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  1. I agree with that, which is why I am currently searching for a ball like the Burner but that spins more on short shorts, possibly the Taylormade Project (a)? The name don't lie... Leaving tap ins short since '00
  2. Okay this is a long one, but I really think everyone should read this. It might save you some strokes and a few bucks... got your attention??? Good! I usually play Pro V1s, Chrome Softs, or TP5s, everyone knows they are some of the best high performance balls out there, and I get a wicked deal on them at the course that I work at. However yesterday I came across 2 sleeves of Taylormade Burner golf balls, they boasted distance but with soft feel (60 compression rating) and high launch. Now a bit about me: I am by no means a long hitter, (7 iron goes 164) and I also have very low ball flight with not a lot of spin. I believe that being able to keep a ball on a green is more important than a couple yards, so I would never consider using a distance ball, but the high launch claim made me want to try them out. They looked like a cheaper option at the moment, as opposed to getting my entire set custom fit (which will happen, just not today.) I decided to play 2 different balls in a practice round that day. Pro V1 vs Burner. And let me tell you the difference was incredible, but not in the way that I expected. The first thing I noticed is that they weren't lying about the high launch, and I loved it! My 9 iron shot with the Pro V1 came out lower than "average," but normal for me, hit the green and rolled out about 3 yards. An regular shot for me. The 9 iron with the Burner from the same lie came out SO much higher, a couple yards further, but rolled out to about the same distance as the Pro V1. Titleist boats "drop and stop" technology in their balls and I would have never thought that a distance ball would have had the same (if not better) result, life is full of surprises I suppose. As my round continued I noticed quite a few favourable characteristics in the Burner that made me reconsider the ball I normally play: -about 5 yards more distance on all full shots -higher ball flight -softer landing -same amount of rollout as the Pro V1 on full iron shots -softer feeling overall (mostly likely due to the low compression rating) However I also noticed that on greenside shots and shots within 100 yards, the spin just wasn't there. Now this was to be expected as the Pro V1 has a softer urethane cover that most top of the line balls have, while the Burner has a harder isomer cover. This experience made me think about custom ball fitting, I believe Bridgestone has something like this? I think the best ball for me would be a high launching, low compression ball, but with a softer urethane cover, does anyone know a ball like this on the market? Anyways, I hope this makes you all think about the ball you are playing. Top of the line balls are expensive, but might not be the best ball for your game. The name don't lie... Leaving tap ins short since '00
  3. Thanks for all the responses, I've been crunching some numbers and the stats show that an extra wedge will work better for my game compared to an extra long club. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Well you know what they say: drive for show, putt for dough. I can't say I'm an expert at either but I'm currently offering lessons on how to properly twirl a club after sticking any approach shot to a couple feet. And I mean ANY approach shot. The name don't lie... Leaving tap ins short since '00
  5. 371 eh? You're only 20 yards behind my 7 iron into the wind when I catch it fat. The name don't lie... Leaving tap ins short since '00
  6. Great catch with the hybrid, if you come across another bonus in your future, you could probably find a range finder for cheap on eBay etc? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I feel you, my home course has the same issue. The bunkers play like clay 24/7. However I've come up with a "strategy" that works so well I've actually enjoy playing out of these bunkers. I use my 60 degree wedge with very little bounce, open up the face all the way, then set up with my hands way in front of the ball. I try to swing with a steep attack angle, dig into the "sand," and push my hands through so the leading edge digs more then it would on a regular bunker shot. This works really well for me and like I said, I don't have a problem with these bunkers anymore. The resulting shot is high, lands soft, and stops after 1 bounce. I'm really not sure how it turns out so well for me but I'd defiantly give it a shot. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I want to know about everyone else's wedge setups and the logic behind it. I'm currently gaming a 60 degree Nike Engage, a 56 degree Vokey SM6, and a GW and PW that came with my set of Callaway X Hots. I rely 99% on my 56 degree from 100 yards and in. My 60 degree has little bounce, and I mainly use it for flop shots, when I'm in a very sticky situation, or in the bunkers at my home course that feel more like clay at times. I used to use my PW for bump'n'runs but I'm much more confident now with hitting a low flying shot that checks up near the hole with my 56. For the number of times I use my 60 degree, I'm considering ditching it and getting a 5 wood, 2 hybrid or other long club, what are everyone's thoughts on this? The name don't lie... Leaving tap ins short since '00
  9. Michell, Alberta Odyssey White Ice #7, 35", standard loft and lie, Golf Pride SNSR grip Odyssey O-Works #7s Red Really curious on how the 7s will compare to the spider tour... similar looks and the same hosel Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. No explanation needed Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. For a few weeks now, my putting has the worst part of my game. I've been hitting greens in reg like it's nobody's business but I can't seem to finish. My time spent on the practice green has also been getting a little mundane as of late.... so I want to know, what is the most effective, fun, or most unique putting drills that you use? The name don't lie... Leaving tap ins short since '00
  12. Michell Alberta 13, looking to lower it to single digits by the end of this season Callaway X Hot I have enough confidence in my ball striking to play the the forged set, however I could always use more distance and why make golfer harder then it has to be, so I'd love to test the JPX 900 Hot Metals. I'm on the prowl for new irons in the coming year and I'm on the course almost every day over the summer, so I think I would be well suited for this test. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Mitchell Alberta Odyssey White Ice #7 I'm thinking the HB 6, unless the 10 is more face balanced, in which case the 10. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. So I've never really understood the "strokes gained" stat, such as strokes gained putting or strokes gained tee to green. What does this mean and how is it measured?
  15. What app is that? Looks like something I want to try[emoji848] The name don't lie... Leaving tap ins short since '00
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