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    101-110 mph
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    Weekend Golfer
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. Paul Brookfield, IL Taylormade M1 430 8 105 TSi3
  2. Paul Brookfield, IL Callaway mack daddy forged 52 and 60 58°
  3. 8 handicap from Brookfield, IL Snake eyes 600c 170 yards I have heard of this company from forums and became interested because it is a local company. Next time I am looking to upgrade my irons and wedges I will definitely give this company a look
  4. Paul Illinois 8 cobra baffler pro 18 deg Easy to hit out tough lies
  5. Paul Brookfield, IL Walk off course markers and estimated guess off 200, 150 and 100 yard markers. Technology that makes the game simpler and easier for regular folk is always welcomed. Even letting pros use rangefinder should help speed up the rounds a little bit.
  6. Paul Illinois 8 snake Eyes 600c 175
  7. Paul Brookfield, IL 8 105mph cobra baffler 19* to fit between 3 wood and 4 iron gap
  8. Paul Brookfield, IL 105mph Srixon Z Star Never used a snell golf ball
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