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  1. swgolf21


    Looking for M1 or M2 5 wood or hybrid - 18 or 19 degree, stiff Could be 2016 or 17 models. Let me know if anyone's got one they'd like to get rid of! -SW
  2. swgolf21

    Ship Sticks

    Thanks all, it does seem a little pricey but probably worth actually getting the clubs there. Appreciate the help.
  3. swgolf21

    Ship Sticks

    Traveling up to NYC for an annual trip, last year Jet Blue lost my bag / someone stole it blah blah blah, they never found them. Has anyone used ship sticks? Just wanted to learn more about how the process works. Thanks, SW
  4. Thanks all, appreciate the info. Definitely got some options to look at!
  5. I've always used a scotty or classic ping grip but looking for a change. Mostly missing by pushing putts, anyone have any experience with flatcat and/or super strokes? Just need to change something up.
  6. What's up everybody? Heard a lot of good things about this site figured it was time to join.
  7. Welcome to the forums Sswildhack :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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