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  1. Just ordered one to replace my old gravity grip on my backup ER5. ER5 is slowly making its way from backup to gamer, but that's for another thread
  2. Got out for my monthly round. 7 over on the front, couldn't hit an iron to save my life. Missing greens and not practicing ever, hard to save par. Played a little better on the back, 4 over with a double after I cooked one into the water. Unfortunate, because I was hitting driver really well. Probably could've broken 80 if I had any semblance of a short game but such is life right now
  3. The results of my remote fitting with Sam were pretty solid. I've had a lot of success with the DF vs. other putters that I've gamed prior. Also, year-round golf weather doesn't guarantee you get to play when you have an 18-month old in my experience. So, don't get too jealous :). I'm sure you're as stoked as I am for the young one to fall in love with golf and join us on course. I hope every night that my boy takes interest in golf, he likes slapping his plastic club and ball around the living room, so I'm hopeful. Not gonna force him though, I want him to have fun above everything, and when golf isn't fun -- well we've all had those days. Totally side-tracked, sorry. In any case, curious how well the LAB tech translates to a blade. I wish I could have one of each between the DF, Mezz, and Link -- someone sponsor me pls.
  4. Looking forward to this, have my eyes on a Garsen for my backup putter. Gravity grip has seen better days
  5. yungkory


    You had, WHAT for breakfast?
  6. Yeah I want to do an in-person fitting to compare them both. I definitely prefer the feel of the ER5 off the face, but the tech in the LAB seems to help me. Sometimes though, I wish the DF 2.1 was smaller, especially if you're against the fringe, it doesn't fit between the ball lol. LAB is great you should definitely apply and say a few extra prayers in hopes that you get picked
  7. Got mine a week ago, no customization except for the number
  8. Played hooky from work today to play a round with my buddy on his birthday. Shot +1 on the front to my surprise, since I'm not practicing, and only get to play once a month now. Then shot a +9 on the back, LOL! Don't think I have the muscle endurance now that I'm not playing consistently, might've gotten tired or my swing lazy on the back, who knows. Put my ER5 in the bag today because the last couple of rounds my distance control has been absolute garbo. My excuse is that the DF face is so soft but in reality I just suck now. ER5 felt really good. Made some solid putts and it was nice to look down at something different than the usual.
  9. yungkory


    With a vengeance! Almost done, just waiting for them to pull a little more. Might have to finish in the oven
  10. yungkory


    6 racks of ribs at the 3 hour mark smoking with some Kiawe wood and cherry. Spritz it with ACV when I took this pic, and will do it every half hour or so until I pull them around 4-5 hours, depending when they start to pull back some more.
  11. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo glad they ditched that ugly brown dash and interior side panels. I 100% would've considered an ID.4 if it weren't for stealership markups (for a car you order 100% online btw) and Tesla dropping the price of the MY $13k + $7500 tax credit.
  12. Ditched the IONIQ5 and got myself a Tesla. Wife was having too much fun.
  13. Yes, it's the same. 80-100 just requires more energy to charge, regardless of speed. It's obviously going to be faster when you're doing L3 charging because the rate is quicker, but it will still take longer relative to 20-80 Treat it like your cell phone battery, but don't be a slave to it. Today's batteries are pretty good. If 80% is enough for a week, just charge to 80%, if you need 90% then go for it. After 10 years your degradation will probably be less than 20% and by then we'll probably be able to recycle batteries and get new ones installed without breaking the bank. Or you just live with the 50 miles of lost range. Also, enjoy and get used to maintenance visits being only tire rotations and multi-point inspections ;). One of the underrated things about EVs -- no oil changes and fewer moving/serviceable parts.
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