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  1. Our initial stay at home order was through the entirety of April. I've mentioned it a few times that we support a few of the local courses (they're managed by the same company) and I'm fairly certain none of them make money. Land is obviously a premium here and the cost of living makes it hard for folks to be able to pay these private courses $65-90 a round. I hope they make it...
  2. Trying to get my post count up so I can use their BST forum. Other than that, it's a pretty useless forum with nothing but people who flame each other.
  3. Mavrik had huge ball speeds but I'd be scared to game a driver with 1800 spin on average. Some of the shots they showed were low, mega-bullets. Granted, he was carrying them 300+ I still wonder if they're gonna give him another degree of loft before it goes in his bag for the season
  4. Not sure how much of a hookup you got from Jones, but Vessel is sold on neimanmarcus.com and I got like 30% off using a coupon they were running. They have one that they send out just for signing up for their emails, it's not quite 30% but it helps! The bag is almost perfect, just wish the small side pocket wasn't so useless. Whatever I throw in it just ends up lost in the bottom. Thinking about having my friend make me an organizational pouch. He makes tactical gear so it's right up his alley.
  5. Lots of economic uncertainty around, but my degeneracy knows no bounds! Ordered a G410 Plus to test against the SIM Max
  6. Well, our mayor just closed private courses as of today. Guess I don't have to struggle with the temptation to go out and play anymore. See ya in a month, golf (I hope).
  7. Everyone, including the US, is being misleading throughout the whole thing, not just China. It's time to stop thinking like Socialists, Americans, etc. and start thinking like a damn human.
  8. This is one of those not-so-common, common sense things IMO. If it's easy to breathe through, it's probably not going to stop you from BREATHING IT IN, but if touching your nose/mouth can get you infected, or cause you to spread it if you're asymptomatic, why not wear one? It just reminds me not to touch my face, and to be cognizant of what I'm touching because I'm turning into a germaphobe. I'm the same way @sixcat I think all of the MGS readers are by nature, and that's what brought us here. I am starting to look at what people do vs. what they say in all of this. China said a lot of misleading stuff, yes. But they also forced an entire city to stay indoors. We all saw the reports and the footage of entire city streets empty, in a place with a huge, dense population. Everything was right in front of our faces, and we can't blame anyone but our local media and local/federal governments.
  9. They did an AMA on IG a few days ago and by the looks of things, they are just updating the current AV blue to this "raw" one, and bringing the white and orange along from the CK line. The Aluminum Vapor in the handle is supposed to stiffen that section up, I think the "raw" part is just there for the whole "visible tech" aspect. Weirdly, they didn't have much info to give out. I think the product might also be delayed to market due to the pandemic, but they didn't confirm or deny that they just said it's "slated to launch June 2020..." with the ellipsis and all
  10. If there's one thing I've learned in all of this, it's that people are dumb. This looks promising though! https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/investigational-new-drug-ind-or-device-exemption-ide-process-cber/investigational-covid-19-convalescent-plasma-emergency-inds I'm sure we'll find a way to turn it into a billion-dollar market before it's readily-available though.
  11. Had one for a few years now, it's clutch for quick meals!
  12. Sorry for your loss CG2. Rest in love, mama CG2
  13. Yeah the F3 5/6 Stiff are both verrrrrry intriguing for me right now hehe.
  14. The Velocore experiment is over. For the price, I don't think it helps me score any better than the "made for" Ventus. Feels like I don't get the same amount of output vs. input. Could be due to the shorter length, or the materials of the shaft, not sure. Up for sale it goes!
  15. Wear gloves if you can. You can wear a mask but it's unlikely to help you aside from touching your face. You just want to minimize touching your mouth, eyes, and nose, because that's how the virus gets in. Wearing gloves might remind you not to touch your face eyes and nose, it's not to protect you from getting the virus on your hands because it supposedly can't get through healthy skin. I saw this on Twitter last night. I know, it's Twitter, but some of it seems to make sense: Most importantly, stay away from people. Our grocery stores taped off lines in the checkout lanes to remain a safe distance. Wash your hands when you get home. Hell, take an entire shower if you gotta. Crank that hot water up! Might help you overcome the anxiety of having been out during this mess as well, who knows!
  16. Do... you eat tires with nails in them?
  17. I see lower distances on every LM I've ever swung on. Maybe it's a mental thing, or the tech just isn't there like we want to believe? I don't own a LM but every single one I've hit (TM, GC2/4, etc.) have all been significantly shorter than what I see on the course. To be fair though, the only one I've ever hit actual golf balls on is a skycaddie, and indoors on a trackman. Even then I would expect my CHS to be accurate on a GC4, unless they didn't have the CHS cameras in it when I went to the TM demo... It was giving me club path though.
  18. Depends what you qualify as "good." I'm not one for dramatic reality TV shows, but these people involved are.... interesting. It's like one really long Jerry Springer episode where you just can't believe what the next twist in the story is. It's honestly an insane story. I still can't believe some of the stuff that these people did. And Carol... oh man the amount of delusional in that woman is unreal.
  19. Just started watching Tiger King on Netflix... I can't believe this crap is real!
  20. Just found out that 2 of our courses that we support for work are remaining open and put some procedures in place to minimize contact. 1 person per cart if you're riding, and they reduced the amount of tee times by 50%. Instead of the usual 7-minutes between, they increased it to 12 minutes. Not sure if they're doing raised cups like I've seen on the forums and social media. Debating playing this week or being socially responsible and keeping my butt home. I personally believe golf is easy to maintain social distance and it's fine to participate in. However, I'm also a selfish person so I might be making excuses for myself to protect me from having to stay off of the course for a month. The internal struggle is real!
  21. Love a sous vide steak! Finish in the cast iron with some butter and garlic after, yummmmm
  22. Wait for someone to offer free shipping, I'm sure the box stores are going to offer this. TGW ships to Hawaii for free over $99, I'm sure they ship to the great state of Texas for free LOL
  23. I thought hmm, maybe I'll try one since we have so much time on our hands now. Guess that's out the window:
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