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  1. 40/49 6/14 FiR 6/18 GiR 34 Putts Didn't hit a single green on the back 9 until 18, two because of bad tee shots leading to penalty strokes. Not sure what happened at the turn but I lost all my juice. New Tour B X is pretty nice though! Follow our review thread!
  2. Got out for 18 today and my first round with these Tour B X. I wouldn't call myself a high ball hitter, or a high spin player, but stopping these isn't looking like a problem. Greens were pretty hard today, but the ball doesn't stop much further than my pitch marks. It'll be good to get out on course that I play frequently to get a better idea of the B X overall. The picture above was a 50* from 109 to a slightly elevated green. I would've expected my V1x to stop maybe half of that distance, but it's not the end of the world, and actually put me closer, lol. Ball definitely looks longer for me on drives, both well-struck and misses, but that was common for me on the 2018 model. I still think the V1x spins and checks up more on chips, but I'll have to get in more time before I can say that with any conviction.
  3. I can see how people like that, it's just not for me. I like a little softer because it feels hotter to me when you get a little "spring" feel? Hard to put into words. Driver looks amazing at address tho, sits a little open to my eye which always helps ease my mind into thinking I'm protected from going too far left. Yeah, I'm a fan of the crack sound it was making, reminds me of a baseball bat. It's a great driver and I'm sure it'll be a lot of people's cup of tea, just not mine.
  4. Went to the shop today because I have $150 in credit to burn and my bag broke after my last round. Looked at the Hoofers this year and while they're a nice upgrade over the Hoofer I had 3 years ago, the colors just didn't do it for me. Maybe if they just made a simple all black one I would've scooped it up. Ended up on the internets looking for bags and found that Neiman Marcus sells Vessel. Signed up for a 15% coupon off my first purchase and much to my surprise, it was applicable to the order. Free 2-day shipping from Shoprunner and I'm the proud owner of a new Vessel Player 2.0 for not much more than I was about to pay for that Hoofer
  5. I was at Roger Dunn today looking for a bag replacement and checked out the Speedzone in the bay. The feel off the face is so hard on them, similar to the F9, I just can't do it... Forgot to look if they had SIM, whoops!
  6. Just got mine in. I don't notice a difference in the feel of the covers in my hands, but the "dimple in a dimple" appears less pronounced in the prototypes? Pictures below for reference. Left is the 2018, and right is from the balls I was sent to test. I'm no professional photographer as you can tell, and I tried my best to have the light shine from a consistent angle, but every which way I position the balls, or my phone camera the result is the same On the subject of durability, if it's anything like the 2018 version it will be VERY durable.
  7. 80 3/14 FiR 7/18 GiR 32 Putts I couldn't find water in the ocean with driver today and it hurt my score for sure. Then, my bag broke when I lifted it into my trunk. Pretty disappointed in Sun Mountain after such great forum member reviews prior to me getting one. Guess they don't make em like they used to? The nylon or whatever it is that connects the handle to the front of the bag totally disintegrated -- guess I'm in the market for a new one.
  8. So if there are multiple guys, does that mean if 2 people drop, for instance, Tiger, he will show up to be bid on twice? Or will there only be one entry, but have 2 Tigers "in stock" to purchase? Also, love the best 4 scores format! Thanks commissioners
  9. Quick question -- what is the roster format? I forget what we ended up deciding on and can't find it by searching.
  10. Went down .2 but not sure if that was just because of the normal revision or due to the new system
  11. Let me know if you want one, I can grab it for you just pay cost + shipping. I grabbed something for @PING Apologist #9 last year! I'll be there Friday, with a coworker and @mr.hicksta following our local qualifier Tyler Ota. He's going to win btw.
  12. Yeah, it was a decent wind, but nothing truly out of the ordinary. I'm just trying to make excuses for why I suck at golf
  13. You guys giving them too much credit, those were typical Hawaii afternoon conditions
  14. Once the GHIN hole-by-hole tracking works, I don't think I'll have a use for The Grint anymore
  15. When I looked at the page on the TM website and saw the shafts offered for the Max I let out a disappointing "oh" and left the page. I thought the era of made-for shafts was dead, kind of off-putting for me, but I still want to hit it.
  16. One of my friends sells cars and said the same thing, that's crazy to me. I guess I got lucky with my car because it didn't sit on a lot and I asked them not to "detail" it after it landed on the docks.
  17. First 9 of the year yesterday 38 4/7 FiR 5/9 GiR 16 Putts I've come to terms with the fact that I don't hit the ball close enough to the hole to make the amount of putts I want to see on the scorecard. I'm going to focus less on putts per round in 2020, and more on making the putts that I should make, and missing closer on the long ones. ER2 went back in the bag and I think I only missed one putt that I felt like I should've made.
  18. My friend bought a brand new Model 3 Tesla and holy sh*t was the paint in horrible shape. Every panel swirled to death like this one. 4 hours of buffing to correct it. If you ever buy an expensive car so yourself a favor and request that they don't wash it before you take delivery. Drive it straight to your detailer and get it fixed and protected.
  19. Yeah the smoke always felt like trash to me. You should give the Tensei blue another shot, I think you bought it during the test? I've heard I have a smooth transition, and I like it. Wish it was a little more tip stiff like it was supposed to be ordered tipped an inch, but the results in my round yesterday were promising. I'm thinking about trying the Diamana ZF since Tensei blue is supposed to be similar to the BF, and the ZF is a slightly firmer version of it. Nowhere to get fit tho waaaa
  20. What's your driver swingweight with the yellow? HZRDUS shafts all feel like poop to me, but I always attributed it to #noodlearms I can't imagine playing Flash with it feeling any lighter in the head -- unless you bought heavier weights for it, too? I'll be interested to hear how you get along with it! I took the TZ6 out and put the Tensei blue back in. I was hitting a lot more fairways with a shorter shaft, but the TZ6 coughed up a lot of carry distance.
  21. Tiger wins more, and with it come more complainers about how much TV airtime he gets. Wolff, Morikawa, and Hovland compete often at or near the top, and even squeeze out some wins. Tyler Ota earns his tour card this year #supportlocal
  22. RTX4's are no joke! Crossfield is good enough to play anything so I'm not really looking much into him changing. Titleist probably just didn't want to re-up his contact
  23. I'm campaigning hard on IG to get a Truespec on Oahu. It's crazy to me that there's nowhere in the state to get this level of fitting and we host 2 PGA tour events and an LPGA event every year. Not to mention, year-round golf weather?
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