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Status Updates posted by yungkory

  1. Looks like we're gonna have some severe weather in Hawaii. Stay safe 808 MGSers!

  2. Just tried the tool from today's blog https://s3fitting.com/try. Very, very interesting feedback I got from it.

  3. Do MGS stickers exist? I just got a brand new Yeti water bottle that needs repping

    1. JohnSmalls
    2. yungkory




      P.S. We need the spy logo with "MGS" on it next batch ;)

  4. I just saw scooducks' MGS patch on his bag and I need one in my life. We need an 8 0 8 custom one for the Hawaiians!

  5. I love reading reviews from fellow spies

  6. The Epic arrived, picking it up tomorrow!

  7. Just had an amazing fitting with the Epic!

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